Linda Kolkena: The Untold Story of Daniel Broderick’s 2nd Wife

Linda Kolkena

Linda Kolkena was 21 years old beautiful girl who met her first love, a beautiful 38-year-old lawyer Daniel Broderick. When the year ended in 1983, Linda was fired from the position of air hostess and then began her new job as a receptionist in Dan’s office, where the law practice of Dan began. When Dan met Linda Kolkata, he married Betty Broderick, who had been his wife for 14 years. They were also parents to four kids.

What Happened At work with Linda Kolkena and Daniel Broderick

In 1983, at 21 years of age, Linda Kolkena served as a receptionist in the office where Dan worked as a lawyer. Betty soon questioned the existence of an affair after listening to conversations at a gathering. Dan called Linda “beautiful.” Dan did not want to be involved in an affair and, according to Betty’s statements published in The L.A. Times, the former employee did not deny firing Linda after she asked. Betty thought it was just a phase or a bad time, and that can be too stupid to be true. She thought that the girl was nothing like her. Instead, she is much prettier and smarter. Betty even said that Linda was a stupid, uninformed tramp with no education, background, or ability.

What made the Relation More Firmed

However, on the 22nd of November 1983, Dan’s 39th birthday, Betty visited the office to surprise him but was surprised to find that Dan and Linda were not present for the entire day. This upset Betty as she waited till like five and told it in the San Diego Reader. She even waited for a long and found that they didn’t return. She looked up, saw the fridge, and found her wedding crystal and the imported wine. Not only this, Betty even found his picture on [Linda’s desk. Besides, in June 1988, Dan and Linda were engaged.

Marriage of Linda Kolkena and Dan In The Backyard Of Their House

The wedding took place at the back of their house in Marston Hills, a neighborhood in San Diego. Following Dan’s formal and official split from Betty, Dan tied the knot with Linda. According to Oxygen, Dan was supposed to wear a bulletproof vest to his wedding ceremony with Linda because they were concerned that Betty could cause problems at the wedding. Due to concerns that Betty could cause problems at Dan’s wedding ceremony with Linda, Oxygen advised him to wear a bulletproof vest. The armored vest wasn’t enough to ensure Dan’s security at home, so he hired a security guard instead. We were fortunate to have a wedding that took place in peace and tranquility.

The Tragedy after Marriage

The couple then went to the Caribbean to celebrate their honeymoon. They enjoyed a blissful married life until one day, Betty murdered them in their home as they slept. After this both of them were buried in Dan near each other in The Greenwood Memorial Park in San Diego. Linda Kolkena and Dan Married for Less Than a Year Before They Got Murdered. On the 22nd of April 1989, Linda Kolkena and Daniel Broderick were married in their residence within San Diego’s Marston Hills area of San Diego. Linda was more concerned that Betty could be a threat and suggested that he utilize a bulletproof vest for the marriage ceremony. Even though Dan was not convinced, he did hire security guards to monitor the ceremony.

Linda Died In Bed Beside Dan

Betty accessed Dan and Linda’s house with a key she stole from her child on the morning of the 5th of November 1989. Then she entered Linda’s bedroom and fired five shots, two of which struck Linda in the neck and one in the chest. Dan was hit in the rear by the third bullet. Both were killed by gunfire. Linda was 28 years old when Dan died, while he was 44 years young. A bullet pierced Linda’s brain immediately, killing her. Her chest was shot with the second bullet. In San Diego, Dan’s funeral for Linda was attended by 600 people five days after the shooting.

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