Significance of White Color in Wedding Favor Boxes

wedding favor boxes

Weddings are important and special occasions. They are celebrated extravagantly and everyone tries to make this day perfect and memorable for themselves. Many things have to be arranged. Some people forget to concentrate on the Wedding Favor Boxes in which the wedding favors are put. This is a mistake as these should also be wonderful. You have to concentrate on making them look good also. 

White is an amazing color for these because of the different things that it signifies. The following aims to tell you why white color should be used on your wedding favor boxes. 

Importance of color

Color tends to be an important part of custom boxes. You may have not known this but the color can bring about certain thoughts, feelings, along with emotions concerning the item within. 

Therefore, you need to get the correct color and colors for the boxes if you want them to produce the impact that you want. For a wedding, you do not want to choose colors that will give a rude and vulgar feeling. They should be sensitive like white. 

Tips to select Wedding Favor Boxes correct colors

People are influenced when it comes to colors. There are some points to remember when choosing a color for your wedding favor boxes:

  • Keep guests in mind: The guests must have the feeling you want them to have when they look at the box. For instance, white signifies purity which is an important part of a wedding and what it stands for. Brides wear white clothes to show this point as well. They want to show that they are pure. 
  • Signify the product within: You also have to keep the product in mind when you are thinking about the color to use. Wedding favors include things like sweet treats, maybe some jewelry, etc. You may want guests to know what is within the box so that they will be more excited to see it. White and transparent boxes can help out here. 
  • Make people want to choose your box: Packaging manufacturers want their boxes to be chosen. Therefore, they must stand out in front of the competition. It should be prominent and look chic. In this way, it will be remembered. White boxes can have simple patterns and designs so that they can look wonderful and be memorable. 
  • Follow the theme: The color must subconsciously tell what message you wish to give to guests. The product, the occasion must be seen as something elegant. Custom white boxes can give this impression of elegance which is an integral part of a wedding. You may have followed this theme in other decorations as well so it will be good if your boxes signify this as well. 
  • Cultural influences: Colors tend to possess cultural meanings as well. In some cultures, white shows that the bride is pure. Therefore, she wears this color dress and so if the packaging is like this it will be better.
  • Design and font: The colors must connect with the design along with font that you select for the boxes. The fonts selected also give a message like the color. If you want to show elegance then choose a chic font that depicts this. The font will be used to write the name of the bride and groom and other messages that they want to give. Because you want to show simplicity with white you can follow minimalism and have simple designs. 

Color and psychology

Various hues tend to impact human behavior plus emotion in some ways. An individual’s response to some color occurs involuntarily. It is said to occur due to psychological factors. Wholesale white boxes automatically give a feeling of innocence, equality, fresh beginnings. These are all those weddings stand for. 

A bride wants to show her innocence. The bride and groom are equal beings when getting married. It is a time for new beginnings and a new life which is shown with white. This is why it connects perfectly with a wedding. 

You even need to consider shade plus tint. Here you will figure out how dull and bright you want the white to be as various tones possess different meanings as well. 

Why white?

So, why white for wedding boxes? The reason is that this signifies simplicity, innocence, elegance, equality, purity, new beginnings, as stated above. These all connect to a wedding and what it stands for. 

White usually gets employed to show that the item is simple, traditional as well as safe. A wedding allows the couple to feel safe. It is a traditional way to be with one person and stay loyal to them only. 

White can get accented with some other colors to highlight what you want to show. 

Wedding Favor boxes are perfect when they use the color white. This color signifies all that a wedding is. You can design them in such a way that they look more elegant and follow the theme of your special occasion. The above points can be kept in mind.

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