What Are Solar Roof Tiles, And What Are Their Advantages?

Solar Roof Tiles

With the ever-increasing costs of electricity bills, switching to solar power seems a feasible option, and hence it is becoming popular day by day.

People are considering switching from conventional electricity to solar-powered homes while making the process budget-friendly and environment-friendly. And thus, solar roof tiles have become a key category in solar-powered products. 

Solar roof tiles look similar to regular roofing tiles but are more durable and lightweight. This results in less stress on the roofing structure.

Keep reading to learn more about solar roof tiles and their advantages. 

What are solar roof tiles?

Solar roof tiles are small solar panels made up of thin-film CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) solar cells with an average weight of 13 pounds per square foot and an average size of 12 x 86 inches.

These tiles can be attached to the existing shingles or replaced with new ones. Due to their small size and ability to attach from shingles, the installed solar tiles on the roof blend with the design and look more seamless and natural than conventional solar panels.

When they first came into the market, these tiles were a bit expensive, but with increasing popularity, companies are offering competitive prices. Thus, solar roof tiles are shifting from the premium category to a common substitute for solar panels.

How do solar tiles work?

The solar tiles on the roof are connected through cables to an inverter or solar diverter. These solar tiles consist of Photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into solar energy. This energy further converts into electrical energy, stored in inverters, or used by solar diverters.

Trained professionals must carry out the whole installation process.

What are the advantages of installing solar roof tiles?

  • Low maintenance

One of the significant advantages of solar tiles is their low maintenance. Since solar tiles came on the market less than ten years ago, we aren’t sure about the maintenance required here. However, we can assume as long as tiles are connected with each other properly, they shouldn’t require any maintenance.

  • Eco-friendly

Unlike other power generation sources such as fossil fuel, solar tiles are environmentally friendly and produce clean energy. 

Some people might say — machines to manufacture solar panels are powered by traditional energy sources. But we can anticipate, in the coming years, solar energy will be able to power big manufacturing units.

  • Energy efficient

One of the many advantages of solar roofing is its efficient energy production. For example, solar shingles produce around 110 watts per square meter, while solar tiles produce around 70 watts per square meter. Some companies, such as Volt Solar Tile, may even claim to have 115 watts of max power output.

  • Wind resistant

Solar tiles are wind resistant and can sustain wind speeds of up to 130 mph. Making it a viable option for regions with high wind speeds.

  • Fire resistant

Solar shingles and tiles are made with bad conductors of heat. These fire-resistant tiles are made to meet the highest class specification for fire resistance, Class A fire rating.

  • Impact resistant

Strong glasses are used to make solar roof tiles highly impact resistant. Some companies even claim solar tiles are three times stronger than ordinary roofing materials. However, usually, it comes with an impact rating of Class 4.

  • Beautiful design

Solar tiles are small and sleek. These tiles look way better than traditional bulky solar panels and blend seamlessly with the house design.

  • Phone monitoring

After installing solar roof tiles, you can track and monitor their performance with the help of an app. You can access this app through your smartphone anywhere, anytime.

  • UV resistant

Solar roof tiles are made with UV-resistant elements. This helps protect the roof from harmful UV radiation, which helps extend the roof system’s lifespan.


Installing solar roof tiles is not only budget-friendly in the long term but also allows you to contribute to nature by adopting an environment-friendly energy source. 

And with the advantages such as low maintenance, phone monitoring, wind & fire resistance, customizable and beautiful, etc., considering solar roof tiles for your home can be a wise decision.

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