Is Michael Oher Married? Here’s What You Should Know About His Wife

Michael Oher

Michael Oher is a famous NHL player and a very famous personality. He has played for the national football league for about eight seasons. In fact, it was primarily with the Baltimore ravens. Moreover, the selectors signed him to the Ravens in the first round of the NFL 2009. 

Besides his professional career, people are curious about his private life. Most importantly, there’s a general curiosity regarding Michael Oher Wife. So who’s she? In this article, we will find out some information about both Michael Oher and his wife. 

Michael Oher was also in The Blind Side’. After that, there’s much talk about his family and him. So, when in 2009, the movie was on the screens, people were talking about his personal life. Moreover, all the details were also very much exclusive. So, let’s find out more about his personal life and his wife. 

Quick Wikis – Biography

Personal Info ✔
✔ Name Michael Oher
✔ Profession(s)
☛ former American football
✔ Birthday ☛ May 28, 1986
✔ Age ☛ 35 years Old (As of 2021)
✔ Gender ☛ Male
✔ Birthplace ☛ Memphis, TN
✔ Nationality ☛ American
✔ Famous as Movies: The Blind Side
✔ Height ☛ 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
✔ Zodiac Sign ☛ Gemini
✔ Net Worth ☛ $16 Million USD (As of 2021)
Family (Children & Siblings) ✔
✔ Siblings ☛ Collins Tuohy, Sean Tuohy Jr., Carlos Oher, Marcus Oher,
✔ Partners ☛ Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sean Tuohy, Denise Oher, Michael Jerome Williams
Relationships & Kids ✔
✔ Marital Status ☛ Married
✔ Wife ☛ Tiffany Michelle Roy

Michael Oher Wife

So, his life’s issues and all the Infos are available on the screens; people are still curious to find out more about him. For years, people are trying to find out some authentic information. Moreover, people have had a hard time even finding out about his girlfriend leaving his wife. However, all that question shall come to a stop today. 

Michael Oher has a wife, and that information grandly came to us. Well, after this news came a drunk scandal of the person. One day, Michael beat a guy in a drunken state. In fact, it was an uber driver. According to the Uber driver, Michael told him to chase a car in which his wife was.  However, the driver said that Oher was in a drunk state and therefore suggested that he couldn’t tell what he was talking about. Thereafter, the star started to beat him badly. 

However, Michael said that the driver was taking a long route to get more money from him. Resultantly, there was a dispute between them. Thereafter an argument broke, and it led to the scene. 

Later on, the driver Girma Berkessa called the police and told them about the whole thing, like how Michael Oher attacked him. Later on, he filed a lawsuit against Oher and claimed about $500,000 from him. 

That scandal didn’t reveal any photo of his wife, however, he surely has a wife, and he is married.

Cloud Surrounding Tabitha Soren: Is She The One?

Some rumors are surrounding that Tabitha Soren is the wife of Michael. She is a photographer. However, this rumor is a false one for sure. 

Tabitha Soren is married, of course; however, she is not married to Michael Oher, but her husband is Michael Lewis. People have probably confused both the Michaels. Furthermore, Michael Lewis is a financial journalist as well as an author. In fact, he wrote Michael Oher’s real-life story, ‘The Blind Side.’ 

There’s another reason for the confusion. Though both of them share the same last name, there’s another similarity. In the book named ‘The Blind Side,’ Michael is the main character. Moreover, the one who wrote the book also shares the name Michael. Hence the confusion. 

What’s The Real Name Of His Wife?

So, the real name of Michael Oher’s wife is Tiffany Michelle Roy. So that’s that, right? However, most of his fans still believe that Tabitha Soren is the wife, but it’s a misunderstanding. 

So let’s talk about her. Tiffany Roy is 39 years old. They are married for a long time now. Moreover, there are some pictures too of the duo where both of them are wearing classic outfits. 

Both Michael and Tiffany perhaps share a child. However, that’s a pure conjecture on the fan’s part. In fact, it was due to the fact that Sean Touhy Jr once posted a picture on Instagram. There was a child with Michael and tiffany. So, fans believe it to be their child.  Moreover, both Michael and Tiffany also run an organization, ‘Beat the Odds inc.’ It’s a completely non-profit organization. In fact, the company’s goal is to provide great opportunities to all the people at a disadvantage. 

A Tad Bit on Michael Oher’s career

So, as we know, Michael Oher is an athlete and a great celebrity. Apart from his NFL career, he is also famous for the book ‘The Blind Side.’In it, we have the real-life story of the athlete. 

Apart from being a part of the Baltimore Ravens in 2009, he also signed a contract worth $20million with Tennessee Titans for four years. 

After that contract, he joined Carolina Panthers for a contract worth $7 million, for two years. After the expiration of the contract in 2016, he got another contract from the Panthers. In fact that time it was for three years, worth $21 million. Moreover, there was also a bonus of $4 million.  

However, he was not a part of the main lineup because of some injury. Currently, he is not a part of any NFL teams. Therefore, most of the time, he travels and hangs out with his friends and family. Moreover, he also has his own charity. 

Final thoughts: 

So that’s the real mystery regarding his wife. It’s no wonder that fans were curious about it. Currently, the athlete and his wife are busy with their work and leading happy life.