Reality Of Hung Men: Find Out What It’s All About

Hung Men
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According to Urban Dictionary, we use the term hung men to call people who own huge genital. A Survey says the average size of the penis is around 6.36 inches in the UK. However, in Wales, the average shoots to 6.56in.

So, do you think having a big willy is something that’s desirable? Well, you might have second thoughts about this once you give this article a read. Here, we will talk about a few hung men who have got huge willies.

Let’s Check Out If Having A Big Willy Is Good Or Not

As we said earlier, it’s better to know from a few hung men. Well, having a huge penis may or may not provide satisfactory results. It’s something that one cannot control as well. In other words, one cannot control the size of their genitals.

So, what about those people who own a huge penis? Do they face any sort of trouble? Or is their sex life is good? So, let’s try to get answers from a few hung men.

Meet Joe, Who Has 9inch Parsnip

As per the reports, Joe O’Brien, the 31-year-old Photographer lives with his partner Jasmine Jones in Wellingborough, Northants. So, he said that he didn’t know that his willy is above average at a whopping nine inches. Yes, the man who is from the UK has a staggering nine inches penis.

So, Joe has said that the size of his penis does matter to him and it has made him confident in a lot of aspects of his life. For example. It has changed his gym performance and also benefited him in his sex life with his new sexual partner. In fact, he never had to worry about the size of his penis in his life.  Furthermore, he feels as if this is the reason why he had a healthy sexual life and a lot of sexual partners as well.

However, he has also added that the size of a penis isn’t the only thing that a man should depend on. Communication and other stuff in a relationship are also the keys to a successful life. For example, he has gotten a good relationship with his partner Jasmine. His girlfriend Jasmine has also affirmed that Joe’s genital is the largest she has seen. However, to her, it’s not a problem and feels like it’s a perfect size. Moreover, she also added that with a bigger size one could also become adventurous in the bed.

Kris With A Willy Of 8 Inches

Having a large penis is not a ‘great’ experience all the time and this is something that Kris can relate to. The 23-year-old, Kris Dixon lives in West Drayton, Middlesex, with his partner Sydnie Bradbury and their one-year-old daughter.

So, he said that a lot of girls had refused to have sex with him because of his huge penis. As one of the hung men, he has eight inches long willy. In fact, it’s worth noting that once he had to visit a hospital because he injured his willy accidentally. Moreover, he has also noted that a huge willy doesn’t guarantee a ‘pleasurable’ sexual life.

In fact, he does envy guys with average size penis. His partner Sidney said that Kris’ penis looked like a big vegetable and she nearly died of shock when she had seen it. Moreover, she added that at first, sex wasn’t easy. It was quite painful for them and they had to use a lot of lube. Even though they had a rough beginning, things are quite good now. It’s just that, they need to be careful when they do it.