What Are The Benefits Of App Localization?

App Localization

App localization has become a crucial component of many organizations’ growth strategies, thanks to the development of technology. With technology innovations and rapid digitalization, app development companies can easily expand into global markets. It can be made hassle-free if the language barrier is removed and that’s where app localization services can be of great help.

 Apart from apps, the localization of websites and software also proves to be a significant and much-needed initiative for rapid and long-term global growth. 

Thus in addition to investing in making localized apps, it is essential to hire professional software translation services to grow beyond borders. 

Here, in this article, we will talk about the major benefits that you can enjoy by localizing your apps for different target market.

What are App Localization Services?

Mobile app localization means making changes to an app so that it works well for people in different places. It’s not just about translating words. Localization makes sure 

that every part of the app, like buttons, graphics, etc., is made to fit the culture and preferences of the people using it.

Benefits of App Localization 

Localization can literally do wonders for your business growth. Breaking the cultural and linguistic barriers and improving the user experience can make a difference and help you get more app downloads from across borders. And that’s not all, there’s a lot more.

Let’s dive into the benefits of App Localization. 

Expand Your User Base Worldwide

 Mobile apps are a great way for businesses around the world to grow. However, it’s important to note that most apps usually operate in English, which may limit their accessibility to non-English speakers. If you want your app to be used globally, it’s important to understand the significance of app localization. One of the leading companies, Airbnb, has expanded its coverage to 220 countries just through app localization. At present, the worth of Airbnb is $83.33B. Thus, if you localize your app, you can significantly improve your user base by providing international users with a more local experience. 

Boost Your App’s Visibility

 Having a popular mobile app doesn’t guarantee its success in English-speaking countries. To make your app appealing to users worldwide, it is important to localize its content including, descriptions, and images. This will help your app gain more visibility on platforms like the Google Play Store and the App Store. Additionally, ensure that your app uses relevant keywords in the right proportion, without stuffing it. According to studies, 38% more people download apps when the app’s description is written in their native tongue.

Ample Opportunities in Global Markets 

When localizing your app, you have numerous opportunities to enter different markets. However, it is not feasible to localize your app for all countries at once. Focus on the countries where your product or service is already popular. By strategically targeting specific markets, you can access the global market. Nevertheless, it’s essential to conduct thorough research before attempting to sell your app in every country.

Increased Sales 

Do you know that Pokemon Go, a popular game, earned a lot of money, around $35 million, in just two weeks when it was released? This happened in only a few countries. Nintendo, the company behind the game, was able to make a lot of sales all over the world by adapting the game for different countries. They made sure that the words, numbers, pictures, and everything else in the game were changed to suit the people in each country. It was a good and profitable investment for Nintendo.

You may not be a big company like Nintendo, and you may not make games, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell your products to people in other countries. Different types of apps have different growth potential based on audiences’ preferences. 

For instance, people in Poland like to stay fit, just like people in America, thus fitness apps have high growth potential there. Moreover, Italian businesses find project management software helpful. Whatever you are selling, there are people in other countries who would be interested in it. And don’t think that people won’t buy things using their phones. A lot of people now prefer to shop on their phones. This is called “m-commerce. At present, the trend of m-commerce is at its peak. 

High Return on Investment 

You can make more money by translating your mobile app. It may seem expensive to hire a professional translation company, but it helps improve your chances of generating more revenue. As you start translating for new countries, it becomes easier because you’ll learn from your previous experiences. Each country has different laws, languages, and customer preferences. Therefore, you’ll gain knowledge and find better ways to do things. The amount of money you make from translating may vary for different companies. 

Wrapping Up 

Are you ready to localize your apps for the global growth of your business? It can expand your user base, boost your app’s visibility, provide ample opportunities in global markets, and increase sales. Last but not least, you can get a high return on your investment. Therefore, you must hire a professional translation agency for this purpose.

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