Mayra Hermosillo & The Star Role In Narcos: Mexico


When you become an actress and play a controversial role, there is always a risk that you need to deal with. For instance, if you play a real person on-screen, then you may incur their wrath to some extent. So, this is something that Mayra Hermosillo from Narcos: Mexico felt about while playing the character of Enedina Arellano. 

If you want to know about this character, then let us tell you that people know Enedina Arellano Felix as a real-life drug lord. This drug lord is still active as per the sources. She is also the current leader of the Tijuana Cartel as the sources tell us. The actor Mayra told the media that she felt very scared about the whole thing. She didn’t know what Enedina and the cartel would think about her performance. 

Naturally, if you need to play the role of a cartel member, or, a drug lord, then you are always thinking about the consequences. So, if you want to know more about this story, then it’s time to go through this article. Here we will mention everything that you need to know about Mayra Hermosilo’s feelings about playing this character. So, without further ado, let’s dig into this article and get everything that you need to know about her. 

The Media Asks Mayra About The Playing The Character Of Enedina In Narcos: Mexico

Mayra About The Playing The Character

If you are a follower of Narcos: Mexico, then you should know that Mayra Hermosillo is quite famous. She plays the character of Enedina Arellano, a famous drug lord. So, when the media asked her whether she felt pressure while playing the character, she answered affirmatively. In fact, Mayra said, “Yes, I was very scared. At the beginning, I was very scared because you don’t know what (the cartel) are thinking…you don’t know how they will take it if they watch it.”

Well, she did mention that it was a tough role for her to play because the whole cartel world is very alien to her. That’s the reason why she went to her therapist. It’s also true that because of playing the role of Enedina, she had a lot of fears. 

Especially, before going to her therapist, she felt scare about the whole situation. Due to this reason, she didn’t even know how to play this role. Her therapist said, “Mayra don’t worry you will never know this kind of world, even if you’re doing it and the creators are writing it, none of you will really know what’s going on in that world because it’s a very dark world”.

Considering the fact that drug lord Enedina Arellano Felix is still in action, Hermosillo’s fear is justified. Moreover, one should also note that someone killed one of the show’s location scouts, Carlos Munoz Portal while he was looking for places where they could film the series. The sources tell us that someone shot Munoz hours after he went to a location in Temascalapa to take pictures for Netflix. 

Teaser For Season 3
Credit: Meaww

Teaser For Season 3

Whether it’s Luisa Rubino or Mayra or the other cast, it’s true that Narcos: Mexico’s third season is promising a lot of great stuff. In this season, we will see Enedina taking on a more central role in this drug war between Sinaloa Cartels and Tijuana. 

Mayra Hermosillo, who plays the character of Enedina here has done a fabulous job. We will see the brothers of Enedina here kill EL Chapo. Moreover, we should also note that Mayra feels that the third season will bring a lot of positives. She said that it was a beautiful season because the whole team worked really hard. 

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