IT 2017 Movie’s Themes & Ending

IT 2017
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It’s not the first time that Hollywood has adapted Stephen King’s horror novels as films. IT 2017 is a movie that did justice to the book, as a lot of fans feel. Needless to say, IT as a horror film has certainly become one of the best in the business. 

The town of Derry, Maine serves as the backdrop for the plot and revolves around a group of children whom we know as the Losers’ Club. So, this Loser’s club tries to solve the mystery of the frequent disappearance of people in the town. 

IT 2017 Movie

However, there are several elements in the film, and those are something that the director Andry Muschietti didn’t have time to explain. Of course, when we look at the novel, we can see how voluminous it is. Naturally, the movie too has a lot of elements and symbolism imbued in.

If you want to find out the ending of IT 2017 and also the numerous elements in the film, then you are at the right place. Go through this article and get everything that you need to know about the IT movie. 

A Brief Analysis Of The Plot Of IT 2017

Well, before we analyze the plot, it’s worth mentioning that there will be spoilers ahead. So, if you haven’t watched the film, then it’s best not to proceed. However, if you have watched it already, then you will perhaps find some useful insights from this article.

So, as we mentioned earlier, the Town Derry, Maine serves as the backdrop for the story. The plot, in a way, revolves around 7 middle school children whom the peers and the family consider outcasts. Each one of them suffers from a distinct fear in the movie. In fact,  some of them even live in hostile households. 

All of them have already seen Pennywise, by the time of act III. In fact, they are also aware that everything is happening because of Pennywise, the Clown, aka IT. Moreover, we also learn from Ben, a kid, that every 27 years, the town suffers a major disaster and causes the disappearance of a bunch of people.

The Losers’ Club comes to a hypothesis that it’s Pennywise who’s behind all the tragedy. In fact, the viewers also see a sketch depicting the founding of Derry town. The sketch shows Pennywise hidden amongst the settlers before they all had gone missing. 

Moreover, the main character Bill was still going through the pain of losing his younger brother George. So, he rallied his friends together to try and put an end to Pennywise.

Bill’s Vengeance & The Truth About Pennywise

After losing George, his younger brother, Bill’s vengeance drove him and his group to end Pennywise’s wrath. Therefore, the group went to an abandoned house which was the central point of all the chaos. However, the group couldn’t manage to defeat Pennywise, as it chased them, leaving two injured. 

IT 2017’s Pennywise fed on fear and he relied on it to gain strength for himself. While Ben & his friend Beverly wanted to combat The Clown, others didn’t. Thereafter, the viewers jump to the month of august where each of them was simply trying to move on from the horrors. 

Furthermore, the movie also depicted scenes that speak a lot about Pennywise. For instance, he has the ability to influence and even distort people to do his bidding, as he did with Henry killing his dad. 

The Ending Of The Movie: The Metaphorical Allusions

At the end of the movie, we see Pennywise’s end as the group was no longer driven by fear. He lashes out but the group’s each member fights off one illusion after another till they force the clown to push back. After the death of Pennywise, the Losers’ club makes a blood vow to come back to the town in 27 years if Pennywise wasn’t dead. 

The movie IT 2017 focused on the concept of facing one’s inner fear. In addition, the movie also emphasized teamwork. While the group was fractured, Pennywise had the upper hand. However, the moment they felt the need to reunite and let go of their inner fears, Pennywise was nothing but a powerless clown.

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