8 Tips on Buying a Large Dog Bed

Large Dog Bed

Man’s best friend deserves a space of its own. Most dog owners purchase some type of bedding so that their furry friend has a comfortable space to relax in. These beds become safe havens for dogs of all ages. If you’re in the market for large dog beds, explore the top 8 tips on buying the best one right now.

Be Aware of Dimensions

Your large dog has a unique shape. Use its weight and shape in order to match the pooch with a perfect bed. Many beds are sold with weight suggestions, such as for dogs up to 60 pounds. Weigh and measure the dog from head to tail. Use these measurements to guide your purchase. It’s always better to have a slightly larger bed than necessary so that the dog can spread out.

Focus on the Washing Instructions

Be sure that the bed has removable fabric. You’ll need to wash the bed several times a month. There should be a tough zipper or other fastener holding the fabric to the inner pad. Even the internal pad may have a plastic cover for those accidents in the night. Every bed has different washing instructions so read them over before a purchase. Spot cleaning a bed without removable fabric will be too messy over time.

Explore Different Styles

Every dog bed offers a distinct shape and style. There are beds that look just like pillows, for instance. Try a bed with a canopy for dogs that want some privacy. If you’re unsure about the perfect bed for your dog, take the canine to a pet store. Allow it to try out some of the bed models there. The trip can help you make a final decision.

Consider Pad Thickness

Dog beds have varying thicknesses. They’re similar to choosing a mattress for your own bed. If you have a senior dog, try a thicker pad to cradle their aging bones. Younger dogs can get away with thinner pads. Remember that a heavier dog will need a thicker pad. They’ll sink into the material more so than a lighter dog.

Think About Accessibility

If you have a dog that’s dealing with arthritis or other painful ailment, the dog bed must be easily accessible. Look for a bed that has completely open sides. Avoid styles with propped edges. It’s too difficult for the dog to access these types of beds. In fact, try a thin pad for dogs that cannot climb into a bed. They still need the support, but accessing an elevated pad may be too much for them.

Know About Specialty Beds

Large dogs have unique personalities. Consider matching their habits to a specialty bed. For dogs that prefer an outdoor abode, waterproof beds are available. Dogs can lay on the material without any care about dry or wet conditions. Other dogs might be chewing enthusiasts. Try a bed with specialized fabric, which is often impossible to damage even with the sharpest teeth.

Understand Pricing Differences

Because you’re looking for a large dog bed, the pricing will be higher than a comparable bed for small dogs. However, there are huge variations on price for large beds as well. Look for generic brands with simple designs. They will almost always be a lower price than others. Exclusive fabrics and trendy designs tend to have high prices. Do your dog a favor and shop around. The pricing differences will be obvious with some research so that you can make an educated purchase.

Match With Your Decor

You’ve found a perfectly shaped bed, but it comes in an unsightly color. There are a rainbow of different colors to choose from when it comes to dog beds. Discover other shops that might carry a better color. It should match your home’s style. Consider the dog bed as a furniture addition to the home. The fabric must blend into the surroundings. If you’re not pleased with how the bed looks, it’s not a good purchase regardless of the low price.

It may take your dog a few days to feel comfortable with the new bed. Give it time to adjust to the bedding. Eventually, the dog will fall in love with its comfortable setting.   

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