Working With the Objects in VistaCreate


VistaCreate is a tool for creating composite pictures for various purposes. It provides the best balance between rich features and free access that provides plenty of opportunities for creative work. One of the features is the ability to add objects to your image. All the collections are divided into categories – one of them is shapes. So how to use cool shape design for diverse needs?

The best about VistaCreate

VistaCreate has many advantages that make users prefer this tool to other similar ones in the matter of creating comprehensive content. The baseline benefits include:

  • free usage – most features of VistaCreate are provided for no charge, and to use your projects, there’s no need to upgrade the account to Pro;
  • easy usage – the system if pretty simple to handle by any user in the shortest time, so it is perfect for urgent tasks;
  • the multitude of choices for creating composite pictures – including background edition, objects, photos, videos, music, and other elements;
  • ample room for working with brand-assigned projects;
  • free downloading without watermarks and other limits – seven formats for various purposes available;
  • multiple formats for publishing the content in social media and other sources;
  • scheduling the content sharing and tracking the publications.

These are only a few of the main advantages of working with the VistaCreate editor. The more you use it for particular tasks, the more comfortable aspects you discover.

How to use shapes 

There are many purposes where you may need to use shapes but not definite images or photos. Let’s mention that shapes in VistaCreate are silhouettes that can be the backgrounds for text or elements of the vector image. These are the most obvious examples of use, but there are more creative ways to apply this option:

  • using these elements and changing their size and orientation, you can “draw” your custom picture;
  • these elements can be the basis for some repetitive items in your publications – it can be an interesting way to unify the content and make gentle references;
  • shapes as objects can style the old designs up – it may save you from rebuilding the whole concept from scratch if it is problematic;
  • shapes are simple enough to not overload the entire picture visually – it can help create composite backgrounds for text.

You can invent much more variations to use. The main advantage of shapes is that they do not refer to any specific topic or style. It’s also pretty comfortable that you can change the color and transparency of the shapes you use. It allows for more fine work with details and backgrounds. 

The main advantage of VistaCreate is that this tool provides all the necessary features for comfortable work, and to discover them you don’t need to spend much time. Most elements that you can use are versatile and provide considerable scope for multi-purpose applications. Try the VistaCreate editor now and see the great opportunity for enhancing your visual content!

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