10 Jolly Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations This Holiday Season

10 Jolly Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday decor. You’ve strung lights on your gutters every year, and occasionally inflate blow-up snowmen or Santas on your lawn. But this year, you should take your outdoor decorations to the next level.

The following are ten ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations that are fun, innovative, and unique. Keep reading for some decor inspiration that will make your house stand out on the block.

Pops of Red

Red is the signatory color of the winter holidays. Decorate your porch with pops of red to send a festive message.

These pops of red can come from cranberry garlands, red bows, or even a red plaid blanket tossed over a porch chair. The view from the curb will be aesthetically pleasing and inviting. 

Using a color theme to decorate like this is a great way to be festive without breaking the bank. It’s likely you already have items around the house to give your porch its pops of red. 

Window Stickers

Do you have kids? Children love to help decorate for the holidays but have difficulty stringing lights and hanging ornaments. Consider purchasing a kit of holiday window stickers.

Window decals are easy to apply and remove when the season is over. Therefore, your children can have the creative freedom to decorate, but without making a big mess. Your children will enjoy displaying them on your windows, and your neighbors will appreciate the festive decor.

Reindeer Family

Many families would like to introduce some yard art around the holidays. However, lots of people feel as though a giant inflatable Santa is too gaudy for their personal style.

If that’s the case, consider a family of reindeer. Wicker reindeer that are strung with lights are classy and festive, giving your yard a timeless look this holiday season.

You can find these reindeer in different styles. Whether they are prancing, grazing, or simply striking a pose, a reindeer family is a positive addition to your garden.

Mailbox Fun

Decorate your mailbox to spread some cheer to your local postal worker.

Consider stringing some lights around the post, or securing a mini Christmas tree on top. One fun idea is to make your own “Letters to Santa” decal and place it on the outside of your mailbox.

In addition to being a fun decor idea, your kids will enjoy dropping off their Christmas wish lists in your mailbox.

Birdseed Ornaments

Your avian friends will thank you for this one. It is surprisingly easy to make festive ornaments out of birdseed and gelatin. You can fashion your ornaments into holiday shapes using Christmas cookie cutters. 

And then all you have to do is string them up outside in your favorite tree. The shapes will be perfect for the season, and the birds will love your yard.


Nothing brings aesthetic value to your yard like garden fountains. A water feature draws the eye and gives your garden a focal point. Plus, in the dead of winter, a fountain brings a sense of life to your garden.

Add garlands or lights to your fountain to add a special holiday touch. For an extra special look, add fake candles or luminarias to the edge of your fountain.

Wrap Your Columns

Do you have columns framing your front door? How about a railing on your porch? Don’t miss a chance to wrap them with garlands.

Evergreen garlands create a timeless festive look. Plus, they are easy to install and takedown.

Consider spicing up your garland by adding in your own touches: lights, cranberries, or bows will do the trick.

Add a Fragrance

Make sure that anyone who steps on your porch is instantly transported into a winter wonderland. The best way to do this is with fragrances. 

Keep a basket of pine-scented pinecones next to your doormat to create a lovely winter smell. You can also find pinecones infused with cinnamon or other flavors.

And when in doubt, go au natural. Fresh evergreen garlands and wreaths provide an unbeatable fragrance and take your outdoor decor to another level. 

Make an Ice Wreath

If you live somewhere that gets below freezing in the winter, you should try your hand at an ice wreath. It maintains the shape of a traditional wreath but is creative and unique.

All you need is a bundt cake pan and your favorite holiday tidbits. These can include holly sprigs, slices of orange, and even some candy canes.

When you freeze these things in your bundt cake pan with water, you’ll produce a lovely ice wreath that you can hang outside. Your neighbors will love it.

A Wreath Snowman

You hang a wreath on your front door every year. But what if we told you there was a way to take your wreath to the next level?

Instead of buying one wreath, buy three of different sizes. You can stack them on top of each other vertically to create the appearance of a snowman.

Want to complete the look? Clip a scarf and hat to the top wreath. People will love your evergreen snowman.

Feel free to get creative with this idea. You can spray-paint your wreaths white, or string them with lights so they glow at night. 

Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Decorations that Stand Out

Just because Christmas happens every year doesn’t mean you always have to decorate the same way. These ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations will make your home the envy of the block. 

Do you need more holiday inspiration? No problem. Check out the Lifestyle section of our website for some more festive ideas and projects.