Improve the Quality of Your Sleep with These Brands

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep with These Brands

Doctors have always recommended that a person gets 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, the average American gets 5 hours or less of sleep per night. This doesn’t just apply to adults. Children also sleep less because they’re busy on their computers, smartphones, and video game consoles at all hours of the night. 

Perhaps children can get away with less sleep, but not adults. If you don’t want to walk around feeling lethargic all day, you should try improving the quality of your sleep. That way, you can function better and increase your productivity. It is fortunate for you that several sleep-aid products exist on the market today. 

Some company brands specialize in creating products that help people get a better quality of sleep. These are the brands you should trust the most. Forget about brands that make multiple types of products. They’ll most likely sell you cheap knockoffs of something more effective elsewhere. 

Are you interested in learning more about the best sleep-aid brands? Here are the top five brands for your consideration. 

Big Fig Mattresses and Foundations

The two essential elements of any good mattress are comfort and flatness. Standard mattresses tend to sag in the middle, causing people to lose comfort and develop poor posture. No one can get to sleep if they don’t feel comfortable or aligned on their mattress. That is why one brand decided to help these people out. 

Big Fig creates high-quality mattresses and flat foundations. Their mattresses include a combination of ThermoGel-treated fabric to lower your body temperature and perforated gel-infused latex foam to let air circulate through the mattress. These features produce a surreal level of comfort on the Big Fig mattress. 

Big Fig also produces flat foundations underneath their mattresses. Flat foundations are a much better alternative to standard box springs because they keep mattresses flat. Each foundation features approximately 18 slats, 32 support blocks, and two center rails. When combined, you have a foundation that can withstand five times the weight of a typical box spring or foundation.  

You’ll have no problem waking up early once you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep on a Big Fig mattress. It’ll make you want to drift to sleep as soon as you lie your back down on it. Kiss your insomnia and sleep troubles goodbye. 

Miracle Brand Antibacterial Bedding

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty and feeling nauseous? Maybe you even notice some skin breakouts and inflammation too? If so, these symptoms could be attributed to bacterial growth on your sheets and pillowcase. You’d be surprised how much bacteria exists on bedding materials. They can even cause foul odors to come from your bed too. 

Miracle Brand invented a very clever solution to bacterial growth on beds. They created antibacterial bedding sheets, comforters and pillowcases by infusing pure silver with organic cotton. Yes, that’s right. They actually infused silver into their bedding materials to ward off bacteria. It is the same technology invented by NASA. How awesome is that?

Try these antibacterial bedding materials if you get a chance. It might give you the best sleep you’ve ever had in your life. 

Hope Health Sleep Gummies

Want a more natural alternative to sleeping pills? Hope Health created something original called sleep gummies. Each sleep gummy features botanicals and melatonin to support a healthier night’s sleep. They are perfect for vegetarians who wish only to consume products that were not made by harming animals. 

Melatonin is the key ingredient for solving sleep problems. It is a natural-occurring hormone that tells the body when it’s time to sleep. People with insomnia often lack this hormone in their body. Consuming these sleep gummies will solve that problem. 

Flents Ear Plugs

Take away the noisy distractions in your environment. The number one reason people wake up prematurely is due to disrupting sounds. However, the problem can be solved by putting some high-quality foam ear plugs in your ears before you sleep at night. 

Flents ear plugs offer a noise reduction rate of 33 decibels. They are strong enough to protect your hearing at concerts, construction sites, and whenever you operate heavy machinery. Therefore, they are even better for getting a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep. 


Many factors contribute to the quality of your sleep. The comfort level of your mattress and sheets are only parts of the equation. There are also psychological factors that could cause your insomnia or trouble sleeping too. Make sure you address those issues in addition to trying out these products. But for most people, comfort and sleep-inducing edibles are enough to pass out instantly.