Why You Need a Lightweight Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter

In the early days of human civilization, tools were very backward and transportation. With the development of science and technology in human society, ancient agricultural society began to appear carriages, ox carts, and boats. These early transportation tools have changed the human race for a long time. Relying on foot transportation is a giant leap. Another huge leap in transportation began with the Industrial Revolution.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, humanity entered the “century of science”. The modern steam engine invented by James Watt marked the beginning of a new transportation development stage for humanity. The invention of steam locomotives and steamships significantly “shortened” the distance between each area. Modern transportation has evolved from hauling by livestock to cars, trains, ships, and airplanes.

The efficiency has been dramatically improved, and the distance between countries and people has been shortened. The production of a large number of cars often paralyzes traffic. Especially in the peak hours of commuting to get off work in cities, it is even more difficult to move if there is a traffic jam. This is undoubtedly a kind of irony to people’s original intention of riding a car. Current transportation:

Airplane: fast, high price

Train: Fast, low price, especially suitable for land cargo transportation.

Ship: slow speed, low price, suitable for transportation

Bus: Short-distance urban passenger transportation is convenient for urban people to commute and travel within the urban area. The bus system in large cities is more crowded and much slower than the subway.

Bicycle: Environmental protection, low price, convenience. Door-to-door service is available, but it is self-driving.

Car: It is congested, requires a driver’s license, and is not convenient to park.

Electric Scooter

Therefore, light travel is what people in modern society pursue. In the traditional sense, we have to take buses, trains and cars to work every day, but because of the concept of light travel, let us pay more attention to simplicity and integrate the lightness, calmness and indifferent life attitude from the soul into our daily life. Get rid of irritability and depression, advocate people’s pursuit of comfort, happiness, and health, let joy and happiness shine from a deeper level, integrate light life in life, let people “away” from the noisy world, temporarily put down busy work and relax Mood, release stress, go outdoors, and give your body a chance to rejuvenate the health. “Light travel” is not restricted by venues, is easy to develop, and is closer to people’s lives. There are no restrictions on the age and occupation of the audience, and it is a way of healthy leisure activities for the masses that all people can participate in.

However,one type of people who use these means of transportation is often overlooked: people who are overweight who cannot easily squeeze on buses, trains or cars, so their travel becomes a big problem.

So how should their problems be solved?

Welcome to the Electric Scooters Shop:

At present, both of Varla’s electric scooters can be used by heavy people. Varla Eagle One and Varla Pegasus are Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults. The weight of these two electric scooters is 77Ibs and 66Ibs, which can be easily lifted and installed. Although light in weight, their bearing capacity is powerful because it uses silicone and Aluminum Alloy materials, which can guarantee people’s weight. You can drive normally and stably, even standing on it. And with such a lightweight and load-bearing solid electric scooter, there is no need to rush to catch the bus, no need to worry about being too heavy to get into trains and cars, and no need to work hard by yourself trying to ride a bike.

Of course, these two models can be used by other people except those who are overweight. In addition to the benefits as mentioned above, there are:

Low-carbon travel to protect the environment:

The average proportions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and delicate particulate matter emitted by motor vehicles in economically developed big cities are 80%, 75%, 68%, and 50%. They have become the most significant air pollution in these cities—Source of pollution. Pollution damages human health and transforms it into an economic burden.

The automobile industry has brought speed and convenience to the development of mankind, but due to the rapid increase in the number of urban cars, a series of problems such as energy consumption, air pollution, and road congestion have been caused. Automobiles are the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the world’s transportation energy consumption growth rate ranks first in all industries.

Automobiles also cause noise pollution, destroying human health and the ecological environment. The rapid increase in the number of cars has blocked roads and led to low efficiency, making it impossible to achieve the speed, comfort, and efficiency that cars should have brought. Therefore,electric scooters do not produce any carbon emissions; moreover, the carbon emissions generated by human metabolism during our travels are also included, so the carbon emissions of riding electric scooters are lower than that of walking or bicycles.

Improve travel efficiency:

Electric scooters can be combined with a variety of travel tools for transportation. The advantage of this is that they can flexibly modify the travel route according to the current situation and rely on the advantage that the electric scooters can be carried around so that travel efficiency is greatly improved.

Relax and exercise:

Riding an electric scooter can play a role in exercise to help people relax and help the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, help the production of collagen, and thus accelerate the repair and healing of the skin.

Therefore, if you also want a Lightweight Electric Scooter, please log in to Varla’s official website to choose your electric scooter!