Electric bike VS Electric Scooter

Electric bike VS Electric Scooter

A lot of people now consider electric scooters and e-bikes as an alternative mode of transport. Reason being that these electric vehicles have become more affordable and powerful. Not just that, they’ve also become a practical way to commute across crowded cities saving precious time.

However, choosing between Electric bike VS Electric Scooter has not been easy for many people. Many keep asking themselves which is better between the two electrified two-wheel transport. There are several features to consider before splashing your money on either of the electric vehicles.

The primary factors to consider before going for either an e-bike or an electric scooter include;

Electric bike VS Electric Scooter


Range is a very vital feature. To simply put, range is the distance an electric vehicle can cover before the need to recharge.

Range, for a lot of electric bikes, differs significantly. For example, the KBO Commuter electric bike has a range of 55 miles on average. But when run on maximum power, you can get a range of 30 miles. This wide range makes electric bikes versatile and capable of getting you too far distances. The positive here is that you can ride electric bicycles for long distances quickly and without charge.

The range of electric scooters also differs depending on rider weight, road surface, usage, etc. But going by the standard, electric scooters have a maximum range of 20 miles. This makes scooters best for short trips within cities. A trip more than 20 miles will have you in a tight spot with an electric scooter.


Given that both electric bikes and electric scooters are restricted by law to a speed of 15.5mph, we can call it an even match. But going by standards, electric bikes are faster than electric scooters.

Electric bikes usually have a top speed of 30mph or slightly above 22mph for electric scooters. But, the main positive for electric scooters is acceleration. E-scooters have better acceleration compared to e-bikes.

What this means is at a stop, an electric scooter will move very smoothly and quickly than an electric commuter bike.


Electric scooters are way cheaper than electric bikes. The price of electric bikes starts at £1,000, while e-scooters start at £300. And this makes electric scooters a good alternative for many individuals.

Electric scooters are the cheaper option to public transport, a car, and electric bikes. However, it is crucial to know that spending depends on the model, modifications, make, and various gadgets.


Portability is an important feature you should consider if you use your e-scooter or e-bikers to run errands and make short trips within the city.

E-scooters are portable and lightweight vehicles which makes them very easy to fold up and carry. Most electric scooters weigh between 25lbs to 50lbs. For example, the Levy electric scooter and Unagi Model One weighs less than 30lbs, making them very portable and convenient to carry.

On the other hand, electric bikes are heavier than electric scooters. Their heavyweight can be attributed to their motors and batteries, heavier frames, and tires. On average electric bikes weigh about 60lbs. A good example is the KBO Commuter electric bike which weighs around 62lbs.

For an  ebike, the KBO Commuter electric bike is “lightweight.” But going by the unwritten rule in the electric vehicle world, any vehicle below 50lbs is considered “light.”

Therefore electric scooters effortlessly win the round!


The better option here is quite apparent. Electric bikes are the obvious choice if you want your transportation to double as exercise. Riding an electric bicycle involves more exercise than riding an electric scooter.

An electric bike operates on the same principle as a regular bicycle. You don’t move unless you pedal. Therefore, you’re getting the exact cardiovascular workout as riding a normal bike.

Electric bikes have brought cycling to a new level introducing various demographics into the cycling world. Electric bikes have helped cycling become a not too tricky sport but a beautiful and cardiovascular-friendly adventure.

Electric bicycles have now eliminated specific barriers for people (born old and young) who want to get into cycling and active living. Electric bikes effortlessly offer assisted pedalling without tampering exercise benefits of riding a bicycle.

On the other hand, electric scooters don’t offer exercise benefits to riders. On the plus side, you won’t always have to jump in a shower after a long ride!


In terms of safety, electric bikes seem to be a clear choice. Most electric bikes are built to be sturdy and durable, offering the needed balance and control on the road. The big wheels of electric bicycles allow them to brush off potholes easily, and their larger size makes riders more visible on the road.

For example, the KBO Commuter electric bike is equipped with  27.5″*2.4″ Panasonic tires, which offer better stability, and Mechanical Disc Brakes, which offer sufficient braking force on the road. That’s not all; the KBO electric bike is also equipped with Shimano 7 Speed Derailleur, which allows for smooth gear change and safe adaptation on different terrains.

Like the KBO electric bike, many electric bicycles are built to cater to the safety of riders on the road. Be it on rough or smooth terrain.

Frankly, research on the best safety measures between electric scooters or electric bikes is not conclusive. However, several studies have found out that electric scooters have a higher accident rate than electric bikes. Electric scooters have accident rates ranging from 2.4x to 28x.


Needs and body do vary from one person to the next. While some people find riding on an electric scooter challenging, others find balancing impossibly on an electric bicycle. But for most people, riding an electric bike is more comfortable than an electric scooter.

Electric bikes are designed with large tires and handy suspension systems that absorb shocks on the road. These features help riders feel more comfortable and relaxed while commuting.

For example, the KBO electric bike is designed with a well-built saddle. The saddle reduces the feeling of bumps on the road, offering riders much-needed comfort. This increased comfort and stability allows riders to spend more time on the road without feeling tired and exhausted.

In the case of electric scooters, no doubt they are entertaining to ride. But, it doesn’t offer the feeling of comfort. Much of the irregularities of the road are felt by riders. Also, riders have to stand for long on an electric scooter, which causes leg fatigue for many riders.

Final Thought

Going by these comparisons, the electric bike comes out top. The electric bike is sturdy, balanced, quick with impressive range. The truth is choosing either the electric scooter or electric motorcycle comes down to personal choice. But if we recommend one, we would say the electric bike is the ideal choice.

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