Who is Beth Thomas? Where is she now?

Beth Thomas

To begin with, Beth Thomas is a famous personality in America. She is a survivor of RAD. Further, RAD stands for “Reactive attachment disorder”. Apart from being a survivor, Beth is also a famous author.

Read through the article to learn more about Beth Thomas. The article will include information on her personal life. 

Who is Beth Thomas?

In the first place, Beth Thomas was a victim of child abuse. Beth was the hot topic in the country in 1992. She became famous in the media for her acts that resulted from the abuse. Beth being a child victim suffered from reactive attachment disorder. However, initially, her adoptive parents were unaware of her situation. Later on, Nancy helped her recover from the issue.

When did the birth of Beth Thomas take place?

As mentioned earlier in the article, Beth Thomas became famous for the wrong reasons. But the exact date of her birth is hidden from the media. One other reason for not knowing her date of birth is she was adopted. However, her biography on the net shows that her date of birth is 1985. As per her date of birth, Beth is currently thirty-three years old. Furthermore, she was born in the United States of America. Finally, Beth belongs of American nationality and to white ethnicity. 

Was Beth Thomas adopted?

Yes, Beth Thomas was adopted at a young age by a couple. The main reason for her adoption is the death of her mother. Further, Beth lost her mother at the age of one. So, she along with her brother Jonathan was adopted. Beth’s father neglected both her and Jonathan. In addition to this, she was abused by her father from a young age. So, Beth and her brother were separated from her father. 

At the age of one and two, Beth and Jonathan were taken away by child services. Later on, Beth was adopted by her new adoptive parents. Her adoptive parents did not know her condition. Even more, they were scared of her behaviour. Beth was locked in a room by her parents when she tried to kill them. Apart from this, she also did unspeakable acts to her brother. So, her parents finally decided to send her to a special school to get her treated. It was in this institution that Beth was diagnosed with RAD. 

Where is Beth now?

At present Beth has overcome her issues. Further, Beth Thomas is married. She tied the knot with her husband on 18th November 2016. Currently, she lives with her husband in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Was the movie child of Rage based on Beth’s story?

In simple words, yes the movie was made based on the real-life experience of Beth. The movie shows experiences of Beth from her childhood. Initially, Beth was adopted by Julie and Tom. However, the therapy they opted for Beth was brutal. Later on, Nancy Thomas took in Beth from Julie and Tom. With the help of her new adoptive parents, Beth was able to overcome and survive RAD.  

What does Beth do for a living?

As stated earlier in the article, Beth is a nurse. She even won Modern-Day Florence Nightingale Nursing Excellence Award. Also, Beth is an author of a book. The name of the book is more than a thread of hope. In addition to this, Beth also runs a business with Nancy Thomas. 

Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Beth Thomas was in media in 1992. The main reason for media attention was her childhood abuse which resulted in RAD. At present Beth is a nurse and leads a good life with her husband in America. 

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