Why Change Our Sofa Slipcovers

Sofa Slipcovers

Sofa slipcovers have numerous benefits.

A furniture slipcover will make an old couch look brand new. The removable, easy-to-clean covers also protect your furniture from dirt. Besides, it becomes easier to keep a pet with furniture covers as you won’t have to worry about scratches and dirty paws on your sofas.

But is it necessary to have two or three sets of slipcovers for your couch?

Below, we give you a few reasons why just having one slipcover for your sofa won’t do. And hopefully, next time you click on visit store to get your covers from an online site, you’ll remember to buy a few extra ones.

1. Keeps Your Couch Clean

Your sofa slipcovers get all action as they protect your couches from dirt. The washable covers accumulate dirt from juice spills, pet dander, hair, body oil, and dust. To keep the covers clean, ensure you wash them at least twice a year.

But if you have pets, kids, or allergies, we recommend that you clean your sofa covers at least once every three months. This will not only make you breathe better in your living room, but it will also give your covers a clean look.

And to ensure your sofa still stays clean even as you wash the dirty slipcover, have some extra ones that you can use on your couch.

2. Gives Your Living Room an Elegant Look

Nothing makes a living room stand out than new decor. And what better way to add something new to your space than to change your sofa covers regularly.

Changing the cover of your sofa gives your couch and the entire living room some fresh vibes. Multiple sofa covers also allow you to change the look of your home as per your moods and seasons. For instance, you may prefer to cover your sofas with soft luxury velvet covers to give your space a winter look. You can exchange the covers with light cotton weave covers to bring in the summer feel during the hot months.

Moreover, if you have furniture pieces that don’t match your living room decor, you can get multiple sofa covers to give your living room a balanced look.

3. Be Prepared In Case of Accidents

Let’s be honest, accidents do happen.

For instance, you may have invited guests over for dinner. Unfortunately, your toddler may accidentally spill juice all over your white sofa covers a few minutes before your guests arrive.

Honestly, it will take you a few hours to wash your lovely covers, and your guests might end up sitting on faded or worn-out sofas. 

If you want to avoid such embarrassing moments, have extra covers that can save the day in case of an accident.

4. Gives Your Couch a Longer Life

The lifespan of your sofa depends on how well you look after it. Having several sofa slipcovers for your couches ensures that your furniture is always protected.

For instance, covering your sofa with another cover when you’re washing your favorite one ensures the sofa’s fabric doesn’t discolor due to being exposed to too much sunlight. Besides, having extra covers keeps your couch always clean, eliminating the need to wash it often.  

Further, having more than one cover gives your favorite slipcover a longer life span as you’ll be protecting it from tear and wear and constant cleaning.  Also, two or three sets of covers will most likely last you longer than having only one set.

In closing, the best way to keep your favorite couch clean is to have more than one set of slipcovers. Also, extra covers can ensure your living room always has a fresh look while giving you something to work with in case of accidents.