A Rapper’s Life: Freddie Gibbs Personal Life, Discography, And Net Worth

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs’s career has been on high since the last decade. He has now those fans who are discussing his 2021 collaboration with ScHoolboy. So fans are even extremely interested in Freddie Gibbs’s net worth, his personal life, professional life, and so on. This article will unfurl everything about his life.

Who is Freddie Gibbs?

Freddie Gibbs is the stage name of Fredrick James Tipton. He is an eminent American rapper and songwriter. So, some people also know him as Freddie Kane. Freddie was born on 14th June 1982 in Gary, Indiana, the U.S. So, he is 39 years old. His genre of music includes Hip hop and gangsta rap. 

In 2006, Interscope Records signed Gibbs in. Thereafter, he recorded his maiden studio album under the same label. However, the album met with cancellation after they dropped him for some reason.

Gibbs was then signed by Young Jeezy’s CTE World. Then he released some mixtapes under the label. This brought success to him. In fact, this incorporates 2012’s highly acclaimed Baby Face Killa.

In the early half of 2013, he came out of CTE and formed ESGN. ESGN is not only his own label but is the name of his maiden studio album of June 2013. From then he went on to release four solos and four collaborative albums. He, in fact, sustained a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album. 

Freddie Gibbs Net Worth 2022:

People are very curious to know about  Freddie Gibbs Net Worth. Since he is a very popular rapper, his earnings are also tall.  So, he earns around $3 million, if not more.

Marriage and Kids:

Freddie Gibbs is said to have two children. People believe that he is now single after he broke up with Erica Dickerson in 2015. She is ex-football player Eric Dickerson’s daughter.

Freddie Gibbs’ Discography: 

Gibbs’ four solo studio albums include: ESGN [2013], Shadow Of A Doubt [2015], You Only Live 2wice [2017], Freddie [2018].

On the  other hand, his collaborative albums include:  Pinata [2014], Fetti [2018], Bandana [2019], Alfredo [2020]. 

It is noteworthy that in collaboration with Madlib, Gibbs launched  Pinata in 2014. In collaboration with Currensy and The Alchemist, Gibbs launched Fetti in 2018. Again with Madlib, Gibbs produced Bandana in 2019. Further again, with The Alchemist, Gibbs produced Alfredo in 2020. 

Awards and Nominations:

Gibbs got the Grammy Awards in 2021 for the category of Best Rap Album for Alfredo, made in collaboration with The Alchemist.

Most Famous Songs of Freddie Gibbs:

Freddie Gibbs has given many hit songs. Let’s try to chart them in order of their popularity.

  • Crime Pays [2009]
  • 1985 [2020]
  • Scarface [2014]
  • F****n Up The Count [2015]
  • Scottie Beam [2020]
  • Flat Tummy Tea [2019]
  • The Hard [2012]
  • Something To Rap About [2020]
  • Frank Lucas [2020]
  • High [2014]

Final Thoughts:

Amidst many vicissitudes of life, Freddie Gibbs stood tall and never gave up. So he labors very hard and becomes successful in carving out a niche in the domain of rap songs. In this way, he inspires many to follow in his footsteps.