5 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Money

Office Cleaning Mistakes
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Offices tend to employ janitorial services, but sometimes even that may not be enough. You may believe that your office is clean and hygienic, but your business might be losing money because of some common cleaning mistakes that you are ignorant of? It sounds strange as not many offices take note of cleaning mistakes, but the fact remains unchanged. Here are 5 common office cleaning mistakes that are costing your business money. 

Ignoring Spills and Stains on Carpet

If your office is carpeted, there is a high chance of it being stained with spills or dirt. Your employees may love a cup or two of tea or coffee; thus, spills are expected. These spills are usually not taken care of because no one likes to take the blame for damaging office property. Apparently harmless, especially if it is the carpet is of dark color, and the spills are not visible, but it can damage the floors if not dealt with immediately.

Now you may think scrubbing the spills will get rid of them, but this will only make the situation worse. So what can you do to avoid this issue? The best way to clean it is to blot it gently. Keep in mind that you need to clean the material from time to time to avoid the spread of spills. The better option would be to contact your commercial office cleaning services.       

Neglecting Hard-to-Reach Areas

Unprofessional janitorial services often tend to ignore the areas that may not be visible, out of sight, out of mind, as it often goes. However, these hard-to-reach areas may be the dirtiest parts of the office, and they can often promote bacterial growth. These areas are behind furniture, printer, or any other material covering a part of the wall.

Usage of Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals may clean better, but they might be doing more damage than good. Some harsh chemicals may cause paint to peel off from furniture or damage the floor. Not only that, but these chemicals may also affect the individuals exposed to the fumes hence, endangering the health of your employees. 

Using Wrong Cleaning Products

Some offices may use a ‘one for all’ cleaning product, and it may seem a good option; however, it may be ineffective. This is because everysurface in the office requires a different cleaning substance; hence your go-to chemical may be cleaning one surface but damaging the other. Therefore, you are more likely to waste your money paying for all-purpose cleaning products and not getting any good results.

Assuming the Surface is Clean:

Someseemingly clean parts may be dirtier than you think especially if certain cleaning materials are used for every surface. Hence, relying on your sight may not be the best idea, and it is better to disinfect the surfaces thoroughly at the end of each day with a recommended cleaning agent. 

Cleaning may seem like a simple job, but it is one of the essential parts of keeping the office up and running. However, you cannot count on the janitorial services alone, and it is best to keep a check on the work being carried out.