20 Amazing Ideas For Furnishing Your Living Room

Living Room

Did you know that people around the world spent $616.6 billion on their home decor in 2019? In the U.S., home decor costs skyrocketed above $125 billion in 2019. 

Are you one of the millions of Americans looking for decor ideas for your living room? This guide will offer some ideas you might want to consider. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Add Wood 

Wood is a popular option for decor today for many different reasons. It’s eco-friendly, adds a different texture, and can be painted to match whatever style you’d like. 

Wood can add something new to a more monotoned living room. It’ll add warmth and comfort to a plain living room. 

Wooden chairs or tables pair great against white walls or couches. They’ll help your living room feel more inviting. You’ll love spending time there when it’s designed with more wood elements. 

2. Have a Focal Point 

When you move into a new house and start decorating the living room, you might not know what kind of theme you want to go with. One thing that can help you find the best decorations and furniture pieces to put in your living room is designing from a focal point. 

Whether it’s a fireplace, entertainment setup, or a coffee table that’s most noticeable when you walk into the living room, this is what you should decorate around. The decor you choose should be based on how well it fits with your central piece. 

3. Use Textiles 

If you have a boho style in your fashion you can also use this in your living room decor. This decor style works best with smaller living rooms. Make your small space feel bigger by layering up different kinds of textiles. 

You can add an intricately designed tapestry to a simple sofa. You can also add a kilim-style rug to the floor. Add a few decorative pillows and hang some tapestries on the wall too. 

You can find a lot of great textiles second-hand. There are beautiful vintage pieces you can find to make your living room unique. 

4. Contrasting Adds an Interesting Element

When doing a home remodel and redecorating your living room you might want to choose a bolder design this time around. You can do this with contrasting colors or other elements. 

One bold design choice is painting a wall a dark color while keeping the floor and furniture cream or white color. You can add other playful touches like silly photographs. If it fits with your personality you can also add decor items from your favorite books or movies. 

If done right, this can create a fun and interesting decor people will notice when they walk into your living room. 

5. Texture Is Key 

The right texture is a must when decorating any room, especially your living room. This will prevent you from giving your living room a boring look when redecorating. 

When you have a larger living room it’s easy to not decorate enough and leave it feeling empty. One way to fix this is by adding furnishings and furniture that come with a lot of texture. 

Wicker pieces are a great way to do this. You can add a wicker side table or rug made from the same textured material to make your space feel more occupied. 

6. Make It Work For Your Routine 

Living rooms are used for more than sitting on the couch and watching TV these days. Many modern families might use their living rooms to complete their work and studies as well. 

When decorating your living room keep your routine in mind. If you’re living room has enough space to allow it, you can divide it into two sections to make it more functional for your family. 

You can use a glazing-type wall to separate the two sections. This gives family members the space they need to do their activities while still letting the room feel spacious.

7. Stripes Can Elongate 

Vertical stripes are a great way to elongate any room. If you have low ceilings in your living room that make everything look and feel cramped, vertical stripes can help the room look larger and the ceiling higher than it is. 

Make sure you’re choosing lower-legged furniture too. With these two small changes, your living will look brand new and make you feel like you’re in a different home altogether. 

8. Make It European

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and luxurious style for your new living room you can consider choosing a European style for it. Stylized ceiling moldings and finishes on the wall are a must. 

Gilded mirrors are another popular element in European decor. If you have a fireplace in your living room placing a gilded mirror above it will give it that sophisticated flair you’re looking for. 

Opt for a light pendant to add another unique flair to your living room’s decor. 

9. Add Some Artwork 

When furnishing your home you should consider adding some unique artwork to your living room. Art is an important element in life and decor. It’s beautiful to look at and makes you see things from a new perspective. 

A bold piece of artwork in your living room can be the perfect conversation starter when you have company over. At the very least, it’ll make your living room different from anybody else’s. 

A bold piece of art is the right fit if the rest of your decor is more muted. It’ll draw everyone’s eye the moment they walk into the room. 

10. Use the Right Sized Decor 

If you need your new living room to have balance so it doesn’t look too chaotic and messy. You can create balance in your decor by being deliberate in the sizes you choose for your furniture. 

You want pieces that are of different sizes and heights so you’re able to create a cohesive look. Arrange the larger pieces of furniture in your living room first. Once you’ve placed those items where you want them you can start adding the smaller pieces around the living room. 

11. Make It Chic 

If it fits your personal style better you can choose a chic style for your living room decor. Light colors or white are prominent features of this style. 

Choose light shades of pink for your walls with different pink accents in your decor. You can also choose a white couch and white eyelet style curtains. 

Choose armchairs with vintage accents as well. Finish off the chic decor with a beautiful chandelier.

Make sure the size of your chandelier matches the size of your living room too. Choosing a chandelier that’s too small or large will mess up the proportions of the room.

12. Modernize Your Decor 

You can also choose modern decor if you want a more laid-back design for your living room. Cream-colored linen sectionals are a modern choice. They’re simple but still beautiful.

If your living room is part of an open floor plan you can use your larger sectional to create some separation between areas of the home.

A marble coffee table or fireplace adds a bit of modern sophistication. Velvet armchairs add something interesting without going over the top. 

13. Choose Metallics 

When looking for new home furnishings you might consider choosing metallic pieces for your decor. These add some fun glamour to your space. 

While metallic finishes on lighting fixtures and furniture are the most common choices you’ll find, you can also expand your use of metallic in other areas of your living room.

Choose metallic finishes on your upholstery, the fabric on your couch, and your curtains. This will add a unique shine to your decor. You can find these looks in a lot of velvet furniture if you’re looking for specific pieces to buy for your living room. 

14. Lighting Is Important 

The lighting you choose for your living room is an important part of the decor. You want your living room to feel bright and inviting. It shouldn’t feel too stuffy or crowded. 

To create this open and spacious look you’ll need to layer different kinds of light sources. Big open windows during the day are key. 

When it’s darker outside you can choose to use different kinds of light fixtures to help create brightness. Start with overhead light and incorporate accent lighting on shelves.  

You can also add an accent lamp to your side table. Check out these accent table lamps and find what fits your living room decor best. 

15. Opt For a French Style 

If you’re a lover of classic and vintage decor you can choose to create a french style look in your living room. A crystal chandelier is a must for this style of decorating. 

The room should also have intricately designed embellishments on the mirrors, tables, chairs, and lamps. Gold rimmed frames with french style artwork are a plus. 

16. Some Color Can Change Things up

If you don’t want to go too overboard with intricate designs and decor you can keep things simple. There are ways to liven up simple decor too. 

A neutral design will come alive with a few pops of color. You can make your living room look brand new by simply adding a few new bright and colorful pieces of decor. 

One statement piece like a colorful sculpture can create a dynamic living room. You can also add some decorative pillows in bright colors if you want something smaller. 

17. Mix Patterns 

Mixing things up can be tricky if you aren’t a design expert. You don’t want your living room to look too busy. 

You can mix patterns to create a new and dynamic look, however. Choose a plain color for the walls and keep the decor items in one hue. Whether it’s green or pink, this allows you to choose different patterns without overwhelming the space. 

With this point in mind, you can choose a striped pattern for the curtains while opting for a geometric print on your couch. 

18. Add Some Defining Elements 

If you want to change up your living room decor without having to make too many purchases, you can choose a defining element to create a new look with less. One thing you can add to your living room is a new area rug. 

Area rugs are functional while also adding some dimension to a simple design. Choose an interesting pattern while keeping with the color scheme in your living room. 

Choose a rug that can fit in the center of the living room as well. 

19. Mix Styles Too 

Mixing styles can also create an interesting look. Find more decor items and furniture from different styles and time periods to add texture to your space. 

To Get a simple modern linen couch and pair it with some vintage leather chairs. Choose metallic finishes on your light fixtures and add a gilded mirror to one wall. 

20. Neutrals Can Be Fun

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a neutral decor for your living room. You can choose neutral wall colors and furniture and still make the design fun. 

Choose beige-colored furniture and a wooden coffee table. Pair this decor with unique lighting fixtures. Place some green plants in your living room to add some life to your space. 

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Are you looking for some living room decor ideas for your new home? There are many great suggestions above for you to choose from. Consider adding some accent table lamps or using contrasting colors to create an interesting design. 

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