Why Medical Tourism in India Is Getting Famous

Medical Tourism

As the holiday season comes, most of us travel to take a vacation or meet a loved one. Some other people plan a different kind of trip: visiting abroad for medical help, while simultaneously vacationing and experiencing attractions of the nation they are going. This travel is called “Medical Tourism”. Medical tourism services in India is getting famous rapidly as India is offering the best health care to the patients.

Medical Tourism Means

Medical Tourism is known as Health Tourism as well, which means going from one place to another, to search a cost-effective medical treatment. In the starting, people from the developing nations will travel to the developed nations for good treatment by giving high cost. Treatment in own nations must have big waiting periods or be regarded as unsafe. So, the patients were travelling to locations that have advanced health care. Plus, it was affordable to Rich people only. However, within the past decade, the trends have changed.  Now, patients from developed nations are coming to developing nations to get medical care at low costs. Latest trends show patients going to locations for low-cost health care.

India Is Becoming Famous As Health Tourism Place

Lower cost, high standards, and professionals who speak English along with other languages have attracted several Foreign citizens to India to get treatments. India welcomes thousands of health tourists from the US, Australia, UK, African Countries and Asian nations such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and China every year. As medical care is getting more expensive in developed nations in the globe, India plays a major role in offering good quality healthcare at a low price. According to estimates, medical tourism will get double from the current value soon.

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Agencies are set up to advertise low-cost health care to foreign visitors from the developed nations, where medical care expenditures are through the roof. Procedures which cost into six figures in US or UK cost four figures in such countries. Indeed, Foreign citizens for complex treatment, operations and surgeries are choosing India due to the nation’s low cost, high-quality health care. 

Why People Come to India for the Medical Tourism

  • Pocket-friendly medical fee
  • A big fee of health care service in the home nation in spite of Government gives funds for health problems
  • No good and reliable experts like doctors and nurses
  • No usage of advanced technology
  • Lack of long queues and immediate service 
  • Low quality of care

Why India Is The First Choice?

The main reason is cost. Medical process comparison shows the nation to be the most cost-effective. Low price care does not mean low medical care standards. The medical process costs half in India as compared to the US, even in case they include travel price. Patients are offered tempting holiday package offers that include cheap air tickets, visa, hotel transfers, treatment along with post-operative vacation for visits to India.

Since a big inflow of patients comes to the nation, the Indian Government has issued specialized Tourist Visa for India. You can be a citizen of UK, US, South Africa, Bangladesh or European nations. Process of visa remains the same, regardless of which nation you apply from.

These are the reasons why medical tourism services in India is getting so much famous and people are preferring to visit the nation for the best treatment at a cost-effective price.