7 Wicker Storage Baskets You Need To Check Out

7 Wicker Storage Baskets You Need To Check Out

One of the most popular and stylish options is the Wicker Storage Baskets when it comes to storage options. They are considered the perfect solution to keeping all those unnecessary items that often have a way of messing up your organized place. In addition to that, this kind of storage option is exceptionally versatile as it can fit into any theme and aesthetic of your area.

With its neutral and natural hue, you won’t be having a hard time blending them into your room and homes. On the other hand, you can also dye them your preferred color to fit a more diverse vibe. So if you’re looking for the perfect wicker storage basket, here are some of the best wicker storage options you can choose from. 

Decorative Woven Cotton Rope Basket By Mintwood

The Mintwood decorative woven cotton rope basket is one of the biggest yet ideal wicker storage options for your living room or bedroom. It’s suitable for keeping your extra blankets, pillows, and towels in one place. Although it may not look like a wicker basket, it actually gives the same unorthodox look you get from wicker storage baskets. 

So, instead of allowing your favorite blankets and pillows to pile up, please make use of this excellent woven cotton rope basket to keep them intact. 

Woven Wicker Storage Bins With Lid

This type of wicker storage bin is simple yet useful. The woven wicker storage bins with a lid are perfect for storing blankets, towels, and any other things that you don’t often use. It’s sold in sets of three. This way, you’ll have the option to stack them over one another to create a sense of aesthetic. Or, you can also use them separately in other areas of your house. 

In addition to that, this wicker storage option is an excellent solution to hiding clutter without being too fancy. 

Seagrass Wicker Basket By Fine

If you wanted to look for a wicker basket that could add a touch of color to your space, then the seagrass wicker basket would be perfect for you. It doesn’t matter if you intend to use it as storage for kitchen utensils or a planter because you’re guaranteed to love the aesthetics these wicker baskets provide. Aside from pink, it’s also available in colors blue, white, black, and brown. 

Round Hamper Wicker Baskets With Handles

If you’re looking for wicker basket storage that would provide tons of space, then the round hampers wicker basket with handles could be your perfect option. Some may actually find plastic baskets more useful and durable. However, this type of wicker storage option would provide not only storage space but comfort as well. It’s the ideal storage you can have for your living room and bedroom. 

Large Wicker Basket By Household Essentials

Wicker storage options may not look like its durable, but with Household Essentials’ large wicker basket, you’ll surely get a reliable storage option. In fact, this storage is considered to be one of the most popular storage options for patio. Adding the large wicker basket to your patio could bring you a touch of elegance and sophistication. 

Additionally, it’s most suitable for garden supplies, slippers, hoses, and any other unnecessary items you have in your garden. 

Kobo Square Rattan Storage Basket By Kouboo

There are many wicker storage baskets you can find in the market today, from the biggest to the most beautiful wicker baskets. But, if you’re looking for a unique option, then the Kouboo Kobo square rattan storage basket would be the most suitable for your room or house. It doesn’t just give an aesthetic vibe, but it can also offer you enough storage space. 

Decorative Wicker Chest By Household Essentials

If you love adding wicker basket storage options in your home, then Household Essentials’ decorative wicker chest will surely be a great addition to your area. With its structure, you can say that this is more like a storage bench than a storage basket. This wicker chest isn’t just a storage option because it can also be doubled as an outdoor coffee table. 


Undoubtedly, wicker storage baskets are one of the essential storage options you can add to your home. Aside from giving your area a touch of natural-look, it’ll also be a useful item to keep your things intact in one place. 

You might be overwhelmed by how large the market is for this storage option, but choosing the right wicker storage basket will surely help you declutter all the mess.

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