Why are Hoop Earrings Your Forever Jewellery Partner?

Hoop Earrings

There is something magical about hoop earrings, as one can never go wrong with their unmatched charm. Though these earrings have been sometimes called unsubtle, they are indeed the opposite. In fact, these are the most versatile pair of earrings a woman can own. Whether you’re a minimalist or an all-out branded jewellery connoisseur, you can see hoop earrings working in your favor pretty well. If you get your hands on the best gold hoop earrings, you’re sure to slay all attires in style.

But are you wondering why we’re going gaga over these earrings? Well, the reasons are plenty. If you want to know what makes hoop earrings a woman’s forever jewellery partner, you have to check the following reasons.

Similar to any other statement jewellery, diamond earrings have an uncanny ability to magically draw peoples’ attention to your face, enhancing your features and adding a touch of elegance to any look. And you don’t have to necessarily pair hoops with a particular accessory to get it done. As hoops are in a perfect circle, they do an excellent job complimenting your facial features, like your jawline, cheekbones, etc. All this defines your facial features with the help of shade and shape hoops. If you’re someone who doesn’t like makeup but has to use it for contouring purposes, hoop earrings might just solve your problem.

  • Celebrities Love Hoops

It would be rare to spot a celebrity without wearing hoops at least in one event. Hoops enjoy a dedicated fanbase even in the celebrity world. It is why you can spot some big names like the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, Rihana, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and many others flaunting their beautiful hoops with their gorgeous outfits. Hoops are fashion bloggers’ favorite too. If you’re someone who takes fashion inspiration from celebrities or fashion bloggers, you must own at least one pair of gold hoops. 

  • They are Evergreen

One of the primary reasons that makes hoop woman’s favorite is its evergreen, classic design. Whether you take a look at past fashion styles or the current trends, hoops have never been out of fashion at any point in time. If you love stacking jewellery accessories that have a retro touch, but are still relevant in today’s fashion world, hoop earrings are for you. Even though hoop earrings have been in vogue for as long as one can remember, they are mainly associated with the 90’s era. 

  • Hoops are Quite Readily Available in a Range of Sizes 

If you thought hoops come in a single design and size, you’re in for a surprise. Hoops are available in various beautiful sizes, so you can take your pick from small hoops to oversized hoops depending on your face shape and personal preference. Besides the plain hoops, you can also find designs wherein a motif is seen dangling down from the center of the hoop. You just have to check enough stores to find enough hoop options matching your style personality. 

  • Hoops Earrings are Highly Versatile

Last on the list is hoop’s versatility. Whether you love wearing ethnic clothes or western outfits, you can easily pair all your outfits with hoop earrings. They look equally stunning on whatever ensemble you pair it with. One of the prime features of wearing hoop earrings is that you can hardly go wrong with this accessory choice. So even if you’re in doubt, just wear it, and see the magic.

Now that you’re aware of the reasons behind the growing popularity of hoops among women, make sure you get yourself a beautiful pair soon. You’re sure going to love it.