Five Major Reasons People Opt for Tanning

Opt for Tanning

With summer at full blast, you will not find any best time than now to work on your tan. Perhaps you work a whole day in an office, or possibly you haven’t been in a position to spend as a whole, a lot of time in the sun as you would like. Whatever the situation may be, spending time in tanning is the perfect source to maintain an awesome look during the summer. For this purpose, Luna Bronze is the lady who provides you with skincare tips and tricks to help you in getting a sunless and natural-looking tan. It is an Australian brand that came into the market after the initiators’ worthless research for non-toxic, suitable, self-tanning products. 

5 Reasons Why People Opt For Tanning:

There are many benefits to tanning and sun exposure. Here we are going to have an in-depth look at some tanning benefits that you might not have heard. So without doing so late, have a look at these points.

Tanning- A Reason To Get VITAMIN D

Vitamin D is one of the major vitamins your body needs to remain healthy. Sadly, a large number of people in the world lack even a moderate amount of this essential vitamin.  Vitamin D plays a vital role in bone strengthening thus, its deficiency is related to an increased danger of many diseases.  

If you don’t have much time to get into the sunlight daily, then you must go for tanning as a second choice. Unlike vitamin D supplements, tanning helps your body to meet the proper amount it demands.

Elevated Mood:

Serotonin, the “happy hormone”  of the body is the production of sun exposure.  We can associate the low level of this hormone with a state of depression. Most antidepressant medicines contain it as a primary chemical.

Enhance Body texture and Energy:

Better look, enhanced mood, and moderate vitamin D levels are the benefits of tanning that one must need. Moreover, many people think that they look attractive when they have some color. A survey revealed that 81% of youth feel that a tan refines their look. Balanced exposure to sunlight is associated with more energy and mood swings.Eclipse Tanning Mousse is rapid-acting, natural, organic, and will provide your skin with an immediate deep bronzed color on application.

 Protection from Sunburn:

A good tan offers you a tiny amount of sun protection, something like an SPF 3. Those who have a solid base tan have less chance to get a sunburn if they forget to wear sunscreen due to the already protected skin. This protection is something like an SPF 3, not an SPF 30 like most sunscreens.

Prevention From Cancers:

It’s true that excessive sun exposure, in some cases, can cause skin cancer, including the fatal melanoma. But wearing the best tan by following Luna Bronze’s tanning tips can help you to protect yourself from skin cancers. By using this tanning product, the skin is not only beautifully tanned but also completely hydrated and saved from environmental aggressors. 

The study proved that tanning lessens the risk of many other types of cancers due to the essential amounts of vitamin D provided by the sun. These include colon cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, and prostate cancer.

Some Benefits of Tanning:

Tanning relieves aches and pains. Tanning can decrease rigidity and tension and inject enthusiasm in the muscles of your body. Tanning can help your acne seem to clear up. Moreover, Sun exposure can truly heal severe skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. 

Tanning helps your body get enough amount of Vitamin D. It can reduce the looks of lumpiness and stretch marks. If you regularly tan, you’ll observe a clear change in your mood. Moreover, tanning will help you become a happier person as it is the color that is more attractive than a skin color with a lighter tone. 

Studies reveal that one crazy fact about tanning is that people with a tan are hotter than those who do not have one. It compels you to take time out for yourself. It can help overcome many heart diseases. A study in the British Medical Journal revealed that the percentage of people die in the winter from heart disease is higher than in the summer due to deficiency of vitamin D or UV light. It reduces the risks of cancers. 


If you want glowing bronzed skin without spending time in the sun, you should use Luna Bronze’s convenient tanning mousse. This product having lightweight formula is made in Australia with 98% certified organic and naturally extracted constituents, including healthy oils to give your skin your favorite hydration and softness.