Temple Run 2: An Experience Of A Lifetime

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the new addition to the world of endless games. In fact, this 3D game franchise developed by Imangi Studios is already a popular one among gamers. Many gamers have been addicted to this endless 3D game and that is why every game of this franchise has enjoyed extreme popularity. 

This latest addition to the Temple Run franchise came out on the App Store on the 13th of January 2013. Soon after that the developers released the game on Google Play Store on January 24, 2013, followed by its release on the Windows Phone platform in December. Therefore, if you wish to know more about the game, then this article is the perfect stop for you.

About The Game

As is common in any temple run game, this version is also about endless running in a 3D environment. As you run, slide and jump through the obstacles, you carry the cursed idol with you. What is new about this version is a brighter environment and a more heated environment. Moreover, you will also get access to some new characters who run at a faster pace than their predecessors. 

If you have played the earlier version of the game, then you would know that three monkeys follow your character throughout the chase. But here, in this latest edition, only one monstrous monkey will follow your character. Its name is Cuchanck. Though the gameplay remains more or less similar to the early game, you will get new terrains and maps in the new version, along with zip lines, waterfalls, jets of fire, mine tracks and a whole new set of obstacles. 

About The Game

The Stunning Features

In any temple run online game, you have to escape from the temple with the cursed idols, while being chased. As you make your way through the jungle, you will have to collect coins, while sliding and jumping through obstacles in a perilous valley. 

However, the new version of the franchise adds new life to the game. Here you will find green gems and various powerup options scattered across the forest. You can either use them, or you can simply collect and sell them to earn some extra bucks. Some interesting features of the new game are:

  • Chance to grab and use special powers. These powers will attract more coins to you and make you invulnerable. 
  • Chance to escape using zip lines and mine carts. 
  • New modes of death, ranging from colliding against a tree to falling off a cliff. 
  • Some additional small tasks to earn more coins. 
  • In-app purchases, to make your character more attractive and powerful. 

All these features make the game a very absorbing and interesting one for you to try. The game is available on Google Play and on App Store for download. 

The Stunning Features


The controls remain more or less the same as in the previous game. The controls of this new version are as follows:

  • Slide Up: Jump
  • Slide down: Slide
  • Slide Left: Left turn
  • Slide Right: Right Turn.

Final Verdict

If you have played the first version of the game, then you already know how interesting nd absorbing the game is. In fact, once you start the game, it becomes difficult to leave it. Now imagine, how intense and more attractive the gameplay would be with all the new features in it. The game is obviously one of the best and its popularity is proof enough of this. Therefore, if you have not already played the game, go and check it our fast.


1. Is Temple Run 2 available for download?

Yes. The game is there on the App Store and Google Play for you to download. 

2. Is the game free to play?

Yes it is. 

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