Dr. Disrespect Has Finally Returned To Twitch After A Long Time

Dr Disrespect

A lot of you may already know about Dr. Disrespect, who is famous as a video game streamer. So, the popular twitch streamer has announced his return to the Twitch platform. In a tweet, Guy Beahm has posted the news of his return and the streaming schedule.

In fact, it’s also worth noting that Fortnite was kind of responsible for his return to Twitch. A lot of fans of Dr. Disrespect may know that he had to face a ban from the streaming platform Twitch. However, the two-time champion has a lot of influence on twitch and is ready to make a comeback.

Dr. Disrespect

After a bold move of playing a chess game on the Livestream of GM Hikaru, he appeared on Twitch once again. This time though, he only appeared for a few seconds during the Epic Games’ ad for Epic Games battle royal. Needless to say, the fans of Doc recognized him. He had his signature look with the black mullet and prototype Google glass. It was all over the twitch and that’s how we came to know about his return to the platform.

The Fortnite ad has already made headlines despite him acknowledging his own return. However, it’s true that he has posted the schedule of his twitch streaming on his social media page. So, if you want to find out everything about Doc’s return, then go through this article. Here we will share everything that you wish to know about Fortnite ad and also about Guy Beahm.

Doc Has Featured In Fortnite’s Zero builds And It Has Made The Fans Go Berserk

The ardent fans of Dr Disrespect were waiting patiently for the latest news of their favorite game streamer. Well, it looks like we have finally got the news about his recent activity. It’s kind of weird how Fortnite became the reason for Doc’s reunion with Twitch. After a long time, we will see the streamer doing his thing.

As we all know, after facing the ban, Twitch ensured everything to make Guy away from the streaming platform. In fact, they didn’t allow him from playing in a twitch tournament. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that every creator he featured got banned for a brief period of time. So, after some time, he completely avoided playing with the Twitch streamers, as to not put them in a tricky situation.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Disrespect confirmed that there’s no longer any dispute between Twitch and him. In other words, he said that they have resolved all the issues between them. However, the fact that Twitch banned GM Haru, was a clear signal that the platform still has the grudges against Doc.

Regardless of all the grudges that Twitch may have against him, they couldn’t stop doc. In other words, Epic games have featured Guy Beahm in a Fortnite Zero build ad. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that there were a lot of other creators in the ad for having left Twitch for the Youtube platform. Of course, Twitch can’t ban Epic Games for featuring the creators for this, including doc.

Doc Is Hosting His Own Fortnite Tournament

Ever since the launch of Epic games’ Fortnite zero build, Dr. Disrespect has become a fan of the game’s mode. He has even played it on his Youtube streaming channel. In fact, the two-time champion Doc has also been quite vocal about this game mode on Twitter.  Of course, it’s probable that his relationship with Epic Games is growing. He is set to host a 100k USD hotshot duo drop compettion.

Jennifer Lopez Bio/Wikis

Real Name Herschel Beahm IV
Birthday 10 March 1982 (age 40 years)
YouTube Channel drdisrespect
dr disrespect height he is 6 foot 8 inches tall
Nationality American
How old is? he is 40 year old
American video-game streamer.
Net Worth $6 Million
Available on Spotify, Apple Music


According to the facts, the tournament will be a 2v2 zero build elimination race format and it’s open to only the hotshots. However, it’s not clear whether the Twitch streamers will or can take part in this tournament.

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