Which Types Of Stickers Fit Your Business Needs?

Custom Stickers

The sticker universe can be confusing. Particularly, if you are just starting out and taking it all in. How are you meant to know which material you should go for? What do you need to know before making a decision? How can you ensure you find your perfect sticker from the start?

These are all legitimate questions. Sticker printing is a complex industry, but we are here to help you answer them. In this article, we have broken down the material options for you. Below, you will find the most popular sticker uses and their matching materials.

Are you ready to have all your questions answered and learn how to find the right sticker material for your business? Then let’s jump straight in.

fast applications 

1. Labels for fast applications 

One of the most basic distinctions you will find is between stickers and labels. Now, there is no inherent difference between the two. When peeled and applied, they look exactly the same.

However, when you order stickers, you will receive individually cut pieces or  die cut stickers. When you purchase labels, on the other hand, they will arrive on sheets. This makes labels much faster to apply as they have added support.

This can be an absolute time saver if you are labelling hundreds of products. If you are looking into ordering stickers to brand your products or packaging, we recommend getting custom labels.

2. Front adhesive to brand windows 

Shop fronts, windows or car windscreens make great canvases to showcase your brand. If you are looking to brand any type of glass surface, go for a front adhesive sticker.

As the name suggests, front adhesive stickers have the sticky side in the front. This means that the adhesive is applied on top of your design. You can then apply your sticker to the inside of your window and anybody walking past outside will see your design the right way around.

This is a great way to protect your stickers from the elements. The glass functions as a protective layer and means that your design can be seen from the outside without actually being outside.

3. Effect vinyls to stand out 

Do you want to take your product packaging to the next level? Then effect stickers are exactly what you are looking for. Many sticker printers offer huge ranges of materials to choose from.

Effect materials are usually available in metallic and fluorescent colors. They have a vinyl base, which makes them resistant to the elements – perfect for creating waterproof stickers – and durable.

These look amazing on even the most simple product packaging and can really elevate your branding. Use a sticker that represents your brand features for the best possible result.

Are you selling luxury candles? Then a silver or holographic label will speak for you of high quality. Maybe you are looking for bottle labels? Look at this mirror gold label below to see how stickers can highlight your premium products.

Biodegradable stickers

4. Biodegradable stickers to match your packaging 

Finally, let us look at one of the most popular sticker materials that has recently been released: biodegradable paper. Traditionally, stickers are made out of plastic.

However, as the sticker industry constantly develops, new, plastic-free alternatives become available. Paper stickers are slightly less resistant than vinyl-based stickers, and should mostly be used indoors.

Made from sugarcane fiber, this material is surprisingly thick and comes with a natural matte finish, making it perfect for branding and labelling shipping boxes and other packaging materials.

They are especially great if you have already invested in compostable packaging, as they can simply be disposed of in the same manner as the rest of your packaging. You can even use them to communicate the eco-friendly nature of your business to your customers.

Did you find what you were looking for and are ready to tackle your own custom stickers? Which material has become your new favorite? Let us know in the comments below.