Basic Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

Basic Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Should Have

While setting up a new kitchen, or moving to a new home, having essential kitchen tools such as cooking pan set, sharp kitchen knife set etc., are necessary. While choosing the essentials, the task is not that simple as the kitchen world is frequently evolving. People have begun to recognize the versatility of various kitchen tools. For instance, portable storage units like kitchen trolleys were initially used only to store kitchen appliances until people started to realise their different functions and the diversity they add to one’s household.

Apart from their utility in the kitchen, trolleys are flexible units that one can even use as nightstands and bar carts. Nowadays, people even use trolleys in their bathrooms to store cleaning products, hairdryers and other products. Similarly, there are multipurpose cooking tools like hand blenders, colanders, kitchen shears etc. that add harmony to one’s kitchen. 

Here is a look at essential kitchen tools every cook needs to make the kitchen a better place.

  1. Knives

A paring knife and chef’s knife are the two most important knives in a kitchen. For most of the essential cutting, the relatively larger chef’s knife would suffice. However, it is necessary to pair it with a paring knife for slicing smaller vegetables and fruits. One prefers this for nuanced cutting and preparation.

  1. Cutting Board

Different types of chopping boards are available on the market for various food items. It is up to the cook to choose between the wooden board and the plastic board. However, wooden boards are more hygienic as they do not offer any room for germs to thrive on.

  1. Measuring Cup

One uses measuring spoons/cups for accurately gauging the volume of cooking components. To efficiently regulate the amount of food required and to avoid wastage, measuring cups are significant.

  1. Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchen trolleys have multiple layers, and as the name suggests, they come with wheels which make them easy to carry around. The multi-tiered design makes them excellent storage units for your kitchen. They can also be used to keep books, as decorative units and even as portable bar carts. One can even use them in the balcony as planter stands.

  1. Blenders

Blenders are essentially mixers that help to whip up the ingredients. These are very easy to maintain and are essential in the making of smoothies and cakes. Though they are available in different varieties, one can prefer the handheld variant for better convenience.

  1. Cooking Pans

Frying pans and saucepans are the most common and essential varieties amongst cooking pans. For cooking bacon, eggs, crêpes and pancakes, one prefers non-stick pans. On the other hand, saucepans are preferable to prepare liquid food items like pasta, sauce and boiling vegetables. Saucepans are very easy to operate, and they are primarily preferred while cooking in smaller quantities.  

  1. Tongs

Cooks use tongs to turn meat and vegetables over while cooking. Metal tongs are long-lasting, and they help avoid damaging the food as one might while trying to flip the meat with spoons or similar tools.  

  1. Salad Spinner

Though one can use a kitchen sieve to get rid of water from salad greens, salad spinners do the job more efficiently. It is a straightforward tool to operate, and they are also helpful while drying fresh herbs.

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