12 Virtual Event Gift Ideas for Speakers & Attendees

12 Virtual Event Gift Ideas for Speakers & Attendees

There are a number of ways that you can use to delight your event speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Covid-19 has impacted the ways we use it to conduct meetings and events.

The totally digital environment has on one hand given the flexibility to businesses and on the other hand, it has made it difficult to think about some ideas that you can easily operate in the physical operational infrastructure of an organization.  

If you are also planning a virtual event, you might be thinking about some gift ideas that you could use for the speakers and attendees. The article highlights some sustainable gifts that you can Gifts to send during quarantine.

Virtual Gift Ideas for Speakers

Below are some gift ideas to send to the speakers of your event.

  • High-quality Webcam

Virtual events need to be very clear when it comes to streaming the sessions. The candidates and audience attending the event should be able to clearly see the other side. The speakers attend various events and a high-quality webcam can be given to them as a gift that helps them throughout their work. It will enhance their presentation as well as the overall experience of the virtual events.

  • Professional Mic

Similar to the high-quality webcam, the good quality mic is also the main component of the speakers’ presentations. The audio should be clear without any distortion so that the audience could clearly listen to the speakers. Especially when the speaker is giving only an audio presentation, it should have a great impact on the audience. It could serve as a valuable gift for the speaker.

Branded Padfolio 

A branded padfolio is an excellent choice to think about when it comes to giving sustainable gifts to the speakers of your event. You can give gifts with the company logo on them. It will not only increase your brand awareness but can also be useful for them in their daily routine.

  • Battery Pack

Virtual events could be very lengthy due to maybe some late setup or a stretch meeting. In this, a battery pack could help speakers to keep their phones charged all the time. Therefore, a charging pad could be a smart choice of gift for speakers.

Gifts for Attendees

Similarly, the following are some gift ideas to send to attendees.

  • Discounted Tickets

It is very important to build strong relationships with the attendees of the events. One way to do it is by giving them discount tickets for their next event.

  • Online Course Subscription

If you plan some online courses, it is a good idea to engage your attendees in those course classes. It would serve as a gift for them as they will be able to learn several new things through your course outlines. Give them online subscriptions as well.

  • Food Vouchers

Give your attendees some food vouchers for the breaks. Food is always the best option to give as a gift. You can also order a meal for them and sponsor some other food vouchers for them to visit and eat at discounted prices.

  • E-books

The digital trends have shifted communities to read stuff online instead of stacking up paper books. You can send your attendees some very useful ebooks related to the seminars and the areas of their interests. 

Some Common Gifts

Below are some common ideas of gifts that you can send to your speakers as well as attendees.

  • Customized Thank You Cards

Every person at your virtual event deserves a thank you card. It is the easiest way to show appreciation from your side as well as it is the easiest idea. You can just design one theme card and send it to each participant and speaker by changing the names.

  • Useful Subscriptions

You can buy subscriptions for your attendees and speakers that help them in their daily lives. To show care, you can buy them wellness app subscriptions to show them you care about their goodwill.

  • Swag Box

Pick some promotional items that can depict your brand and customize the swag box to send it as a gift to your attendees and speakers. 

  • Gift Cards

Send customized colorful gift cards to the attendees of the event. You can easily send them online to all the participants and say thanks for their precious time and interest in your event.