Pardon Application Process Simplified

Pardon Application Process Simplified

When you wish to apply for a pardon, first you must submit an application for pardon complete in every regard. This must be accompanied by an application fee that is non-refundable. You can request for the application either by writing to them or by calling the central office of the parole board.

The components of a pardon application

There are three components to a pardon application as given under.

• Written letters of support
• Information about the applicant
• Application fee payment details

The applicants are required to furnish the name, addresses and contact numbers of all those persons who are giving letters of support towards the pardon. Every letter must be signed in the date not older than 6 months from the date of submitting the application. These letters of support must be attached to the pardon application.

The applicant must fill out the forms without omitting any details and sign it at the end along with the date of signing. The application has a section called the release of information which must be completed and notarized.

Fees and payment of restitution

An offender will never be granted pardon unless he or she has paid all the restitution in full and obtained the receipt to this end. This will also include the restitutions that are converted into a civil judgment. Along with the application, the applicant must also attach the certifications from concerned authorities that all the restitutions have been paid in full. If any restitution or fines are pending to be paid, the board will invariably come to know of that while reviewing your application. The form must be accompanied by money order or a cashier’s check payable to the parole board.

The length of the pardon process

Based on the volume of information that needs to be verified on the application and the number of applications pending to be attended at the office, the pardon can take a longer time. From the date of submitting all the paperwork, a pardon can take six to nine months to get a hearing date.
The implication of a pardon includes forgiving the individual from all the possible legal consequences of the crime committed including both direct and collateral with the subject having served all the punishments, paying the penalties and having undergone the imprisonment.

Working through a reliable pardon company

The pardon application process is quite cumbersome and lengthy. The payment done towards pardon application is non-refundable. If the application falls short of any details, it will be summarily rejected and the applicant must start anew once again. Pardon agencies or companies assist the individuals in preparing the documentation for the pardon application and guide the applicants with the entire process. Though anyone can go through the pardon application process themselves, the experience and expertise of the pardon companies can help you in securing the pardon within a short time. Hence you stand to gain in terms of the time, effort and money you save in the process when you apply through a pardon agency in Canada.

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