Why the Voyager Mesh Harness and Dispenser is the Perfect No Pull Dog Harness for Spring

Voyager Mesh Harness

Spring is finally here which means warmer weather, blossoming flowers, and a lot of fun in the  sun. When these warmer months approach, our furry friends are gearing up to get outside, get  more fresh air, and go for longer walks. But to make sure the walk is safe and secure, you need  to have the perfect no pull harness.  

The Voyager Mesh Harness is the perfect option for a springtime small & medium size  dog harness because it has a snug and breathable fit, prioritizes safety, and even comes  with a matching leash and poop bag dispenser.  

You Need a Good Harness for the Spring  

When you’re taking your dog for more walks, the quality of your harness matters. While you  may have gotten away with an inferior setup in the cold winter months, spring requires  something better. Whether you have a fully grown dog or are searching for a puppy harness,  you’ll soon be going on more walks and thus getting more use out of this pet accessory.  

You need something that will hold up well. Making a smart investment now will reward you for  many years down the line. 

Finding the Right Harness  

There are a few factors to keep in mind when you’re searching for the right pet harness.  

Safety and security should always come first. If you’re taking walks when it’s dark out, you’ll  need to have a reflective dog harness to be seen in low visibility conditions. You also must find  something that fits your pet perfectly so that they are not only comfortable but unable to  accidentally slip out if they start to pull or see another dog as well.  

Aside from safety, you also want to consider ease of use. Having a vest harness is ideal  because it is easiest to wear and eliminates the struggle of pulling something over your dog’s  head. A step-in harness makes things even easier. Lastly, having accompanying accessories  means you’ll have less to deal with as a dog owner. 

Voyager Dog Harness  

The Voyager Harness hits all of these requirements, and as an added bonus looks great  too. Designed from the ground up, this accessory is full of incredible features to make your life  easy such as a velcro buckle closure, lightweight materials, and a fuss-free design with a  genius ‘clip and go’ system. 

Safety is top of mind with reflective lining, breathable mesh, and three built-in security features  to make sure your dog stays safe and sound. Keeping in mind that finding a harness that fits  means not only measuring weight but your pet’s back and neck as well, this harness comes  with a snug fit every time.  

To make your life easy, you can purchase an accompanying leash and poop bag dispenser that  works together perfectly. It doesn’t get much better than this. Check out this harness today  and be ready to have the best spring yet with your furry friends at https://voyagerharness.com/collections/step-in-air.