5 Benefits of Tablets For Children

Tablets For Children

Technology is everywhere. More homes than ever before have an AI assistant like Alexa. More workplaces are integrating AI into their daily running and, of course, more people than ever before are using the internet. 

Naturally this is great! But what does it mean when it comes to children? How much technology is a good thing for pre-schoolers? Does it impact their development?

While many parents feel guilty about giving their children devices to play with, don’t be! Society needs this change and in many ways you may be helping your children to adapt in more ways than you think.

Are you worried that technology may arrest their social development? Read on for 5 advantages of integrating technology into children’s lives – specifically, tablets.


The internet is not just a place to read up on celebrity gossip. It is a tool for learning and with appropriate settings put into place, your children can use it to learn too.

There are many ways you can offer this to them too. You could get them a smartphone if they are over the age of 10 or you could invest in an affordable tablet for kids.

A tablet also offers you the option to download educational apps for your kids. So even if they aren’t online, they can still brush up on their ABCs. 


Learning via technology is one thing. Learning skills around technology is another.

By exposing children to tablets, you allow them to familiarize themselves with them. They will know how to turn it on, off and how to put it into sleep mode. They will also learn how to access apps, enter passwords and how to problem-solve.

In the adult world, these are skills that they will need in order to manage the daily running of a job. So, by letting them figure out how to download an app (with supervision) you are developing a skill with them.


It is rarely wise to leave your child unattended with a tablet as this can cause them to become isolated. 

Instead, why not use a tablet as a tool to help with bonding? Sit and watch their favorite educational show with them. Research things together or when they have done all their homework watch a film with them.

A tablet can be a great way to engage with your child, both educationally and as a parent.


This may vary depending on who the tablet belongs to. If you have multiple children, they may all try to claim that it is theirs!

If you have 1 child, giving them their own table will teach them about responsibility. They will be required to take care of their tablet. So, aim to give them daily tasks to perform, like turning it off and ensuring that all the apps are shut. More responsibility will build their confidence.

Promotes creativity

A tablet will allow your child to paint without brushes or to write without a pen.

It can also introduce them to filmmaking, as most tablets have a webcam. All within a single device. Making it a great investment in your child’s creative side.