Who Is Brenden Sims? On His Life, Filmography, Net Worth, And More

Brenden Sims

Brenden Sims is a young Burgeoning actor who made it big in the entertainment industry with his charisma and hard work. His acting skills as a child actor is phenomenal and as a result, he is gradually becoming the most popular face in the industry. Furthermore, the actor is versatile and has much to offer in the show biz. To know him through and through, keep reading.

Who is Brenden Sims?

Brenden Sims is a popular child actor who has an incredible fan following on social forums and is a member of the famous TV actor list. He was born in Lynwood, CA, on June 17, 2010. Although this makes him only 10 years old, he has commenced his journey at the age of 2.

The actor is insanely popular amongst his fans for his unmatched performance in Showtime’s  Shameless (his debut work). He is a Gen-Z celeb kid with almost forty thousand followers on Instagram. However, his personal life is not infiltrated and it has got covered by the media.

Therefore, the current update on his acting career is unknown. It is vivid through the actions that Brendon and their family have been doing a great job hiding their private life from the media. As a result, his recent project is not disclosed to the media. We will update you on that soon.

Personal Life

As Brenden Sims age is just 10 years, there’s not much insight into his personal life. However, he has a twin brother, Brandon who has also played the same role as “Liam Gallagher” in Shameless.

Other than that, his schooling and hobbies are yet unknown. However, he is a Gemini and his Instagram account gives an insight into his activities but they are not from any verified source.

As of now, Wikipedia and other sources have failed to provide any information on his personal life. The commencement of excellence has only started for him. Thus, we hope we can get back to you with updates real soon.


Brenden Sims now is a popular child actor but what about his choices before that? No one can comment on that as Brenden is yet too young to determine his career as an actor. Nonetheless, his extraordinary performance in Shameless (2011) that ran for 5 years, made him stand out.

His fervor for acting is so lucid that it makes him a bright entertainer in this field. Together he and his brother have taken the Television world to an unthinkable standard. 

Brenden Sims is also recognized as “Liam Gallagher” which is the name of his acting role. In addition to that, he is continuing his work as a TV actor solely and we’re eager to know about his career choices in the future.

Net worth

Brenden Sims is a wealthy actor of his age. For instance, we can tell you that Brenden Sims Net worth is approximately $20 million. 

It may shock his fans, but Brenden has legitimate sources to earn this amount of money. Above all, he is an extremely popular TV actor as well as social media star with more than 40k followers. 

He has started unimaginably young in his career and his zeal for acting is vivid on screen. Thus, it is clear why his popularity is touching the sky and the reason behind his increasing Net Worth.

Life Besides Acting

Brenden Sims is only 11 years old as of 2021, hence there’s not much to discover about his endeavors at this age.

We are sure he is successfully juggling his schooling and career as an actor. If there’s any other aspect that gets attached to his life, we will update you.


  • Brenden Sims is a child actor. He is popular for his role as “Liam Gallagher” in Showtime’s Shameless.
  • His Zodiac Sign is Gemini.
  • His birthday is on Jun 17, 2010. This makes him 11 years old in 2021.
  • He has a twin brother, Brandon. Both of them jointly have more than 70,000 followers on Instagram.

Quick Wikis/ Bio

Name Brenden Sims
Real Name Brendon Sims
Nick Name Brenden
Norwegian actress
Birthday June 17, 2010
Age 11 Years (As of 2021)
How tall is Sims
Gender Male
Birthplace (Native) United States
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Net Worth $20 Million As of 2021
Mother Name
Instagram @simstwins

Ending Note

Brendon Sims is a child actor and he is from Lynwood, CA. This makes him a Burgeoning actor. Although Sims started as a child actor, his creative talent as an artist has made him a member of “TV actor”.

He is too young and information about him is much too limited. Thus, to know all his updates, keep yourself subscribed to us.