Dig Into The Life Of Lucy Thomas Manning

Lucy Thomas Manning

Eli Manning and Abby Mcgew welcomed their second daughter on 17th June 2013, but they kept it a secret until 4th July. Yes, we are talking about the birth of their daughter Lucy Thomas Manning. The new york giants quarterback and his wife have welcomed little Lucy to their big family now.

The New york giants have confirmed that Eli Manning and his wife Abby announced the birth of their baby, Lucy. As per the sources, Lucy was born on 17th July. The couple announced the news on Twitter if you want to know. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that the couple’s newest daughter joins her big sister Ava Frances, who’s 2 years old now.

Earlier, the duo confirmed their pregnancy in March. Manning, who is currently 32 years old admitted in the past that he’s head over heels for his daughter Ava. He said, “The first time that you see your daughter and every day just wanting to be around her and telling her that you love her’.

For those of you who don’t know, Eli Manning is a brilliant New York Giants footballer. So, as a footballer, he has won a lot of awards and a huge name for himself. Quite naturally, the news of the birth of Lucy has made his fans really happy. So, if you want to know about Lucy more, then it’s time to go through this article. We will share everything that you need to know.

The Couple Has Shared Pictures Of The Baby

The New York Quarterback Eli Manning and his wife of five years, Abby Mcgrew have shared exclusive pictures of their newest member of the family, Lucy. The smallest New York Giant in the family looks incredibly cute.

Lucy Thomas Manning looked as if she was in the mid-season form and her big sister and mom strolled around their neighborhood. So, as per the sources, Abby wore workout shorts and sneakers for the day out with her little girls. In fact, we should note that it was the first public picture of Lucky Thomas Manning.

In an interview last year, Eli said a bit about raising children. He said that raising children brings a lot more surprises than the game of football does.

“In terms of the Super Bowl, I know what to expect. With parenting, this has been a brand-new experience. It’s life-changing. Every day you learn something new.”

Joining The Football Family

Lucy Thomas Manning, the newest member of the family has become really famous just after her birth. It’s because her dad Eli Manning is an incredible footballer. So now, Lucy and her elder sister Ava are the members of football’s most popular family. Well, it’s worth noting that Lucy’s father Eli Manning has led Big Blue to 2 Super Bowl triumphs.

On the other hand, Lucy’s uncle Peyton Manning is famous as the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. He has too won one title with the Colts during his playing days. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that his grandpa Archie has played for 14 long years in the NFL.

Eli has no regrets that he doesn’t have a boy. On the other hand, he says, ‘I think a lot of you guys want a son because of all of the things they do while growing up”. However, he feels, “Having a girl is a blast. I don’t care what happens down the road, as long as the children are healthy.”

Welcoming The Second Daughter Lucy

On 4th July, Eli and his wife announced on Twitter the arrival of Lucy with a post. The post said, “we welcome another manning to the Giants family, Eli, and Abby’s second daughter, Lucy Thomas born June 17, 2013.” So, currently, Lucy is around 9 years old.

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