Know How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post?

How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post

Craigslist is a well-known online advertising website. That is why many companies and businesses wish to post the ads on Craigslist. It is offering its services to 50 countries and also large cities. On the website, there are several fields to post ads for jobs and also for products you want to sell. The people who visit the site can see all the classified ads for free. Payment is required if you want to publish job opportunities. The other kinds of ad postings are free of cost. But you may wonder how many craigslist ads can I post? Here find out all the details about it. 

Who is the owner of Craigslist? 

The creator of Craigslist is Craig Newmark. In 1995 he is the one who created Craigslist. He created Craigslist in 1995 as a place for free advertising and the internet community. So here people were able to post ads for free. At first, all the issues of dealing with scammers, customer care, event posting were managed by Newmark. But his network began to grow quickly so he widened the vacancies. Then it had vacancies, rentals, houses, and more. But the extra categories like jobs were added when users demanded them. 

Further in 1999 Craigslist became a private- profit to the organization. In 2012 Craigslist was used in over 70 cities of 70 countries. The website has over 20 billion page views, 2 million jobs, 80 million classifieds, and more. In this way, it became a leading advertising service. Also, it became the top advertising service in the world. 

How does Craigslist get money? 

Craigslist gets money through revenue sources. In six major cities in the US, the users have to pay $25 cost for posting a job. The users in San Francisco have to pay $75 for posting job ads. For apartment rental in New York, it costs $10 fee on Craigslist. The revenues from these fees are only used to cover the operating expenditures of Craigslist. But overall the company has not made any profits from the beginning. The president of Craigslist Jim Buckmaster has shared that offering a superior user experience is more important for the company than making money. 

How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post

Sometimes people find it difficult to post ads on Craigslist. But here are the steps that will make it easy. You can post different types of ads on Craigslist such as jobs, rentals, product sales, and more. 

  • First of all, visit the home page of Craigslist and select the city. 
  • Then click “post to classifieds” and choose the category of the ad. 
  • Enter all the details of the ad in the appropriate fields. You have to type the price, description, and email for the interested people. 
  • After that upload the images from the device of the product and click publish. 
  • You will get a confirmation link through email from Craigslist. Press that link and the ad will go live in 15 minutes after confirmation.

How to sell on Craigslist?   

The steps below will help to sell products through ads on Craigslist.  

  • Firstly go to
  • Select the state or the location. 
  • Press the hit-on button to post the classifieds. You will get the page “What type of posting is this?” Then it will offer you the options for sale by the dealer and sale by the owner.
  • You have to submit the posting information and the buyers will get your ads if they are searching for them. For instance, if they search for products through the categories like Price range, location, posting title, and more. 
  • You can also add the images of products you are selling. 


These are the methods that will help How Many Craigslist Ads Can I Post?. It is easy for many people to notice your ads on Craigslist because it is credible.

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