The Best AK-47 Skins in CS:GO

AK-47 Skins

Counter-Strike Global Offensive currently features more than 30 types of weapons including knives, pistols, assault rifles, and more. Among them, the AK-47 has the greatest firepower, accuracy, and controllability. And unique and attractive AK skins in CS:GO can make the gun even more dangerous. Luckily, there are plenty of them, and this list features the best of the best.

Four best AK-47 skins

Many of the skins on this list are incredibly popular with players, in high demand, very rare, and simply look amazing. However, most often, they are inexpensive. We have done the hard work for you and selected the best skins, in our opinion.

Fire Serpent

Fire Serpent

Fire Serpent is one of the most expensive skins for AK-47. It is as old as CS:GO itself, having been introduced in September 2013 along with the Operation Bravo Case. The current starting price for AK-47 | Fire Serpent is around $400. It costs almost $8,000 in the Factory New StatTrak™ version and is extremely rare in wear rates above Field-Tested.

No wonder this is such an expensive skin. It features a deadly green serpent flying through blue and white clouds. It is reminiscent of Japanese art styles and lends the wearer the confidence and strength of this mythical and ancient beast.

Neon RevolutionNeon Revolution

Neon Revolution is another gorgeous and colorful AK-47 skin that was added to the game in 2016. It can drop out of the Gamma 2 Case and can be purchased for $20–190.

If this weapon skin looks familiar to you, you may have seen the movie Suicide Squad. It was inspired by the movie’s events and features eye-catching hot pink and neon green colors. Make sure you always have a fallback because this skin is going to get a lot of attention, both wanted and unwelcome.



You can find this prestigious and high-tech AK-47 skin for a starting price of $40. However, its value is skyrocketing as the Factory New StatTrak™ Vulcan can cost up to $1,800 on Steam. This skin appeared in the game in the Huntsman Weapon Case in 2014 and is available in all wear levels.

AK-47 | Vulcan was designed to exemplify sports-inspired design. Even though it looks like a high-tech weapon, it is still one of the best and most used skins for professional CS:GO tournaments.



AK-47 | Asiimov is another popular skin for the CS:GO weapon. It was first introduced in the Danger Zone Case in 2018, making it one of the freshest skins in the game. You can find AK-47 | Asiimov skin on Steam for a starting price of $25. However, its value rises quite quickly as the quality of the wear level improves.

Asiimov is definitely a unique skin for the AK-47. It features bright colors and a sporty look. It’s thin and colorful and makes the weapon look a lot more attractive. However, don’t let the bright colors fool you that this is not a very dangerous weapon.

How to buy one

As you can see, we’ve chosen only four skins out of the tens available on the market. All of them are different in price, color, and design.

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