Who is Yvonne Mcguinness – Know all the details of the Cillian Murphy’s wife

Yvonne Mcguinness

Cillian Murphy is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. He is of Irish descent. Now he is forty-six years old but still, he is ageing like fine wine. First of all, he was a lead singer, lyricist and guitarist of the rock band The Sons of Mr Green Genes. After that, he began acting on stage and later got to act in films and TV series. 

Some of his film credits are 28 Days Later, Red Eye, Intermission and a lot more. Further, he acted in the war drama Dunkirk and Peaky Blinders for which he won many awards. As Murphy is a private person many do not know about his personal life. But he is married to his Irish visual artist Peaky Blinders. He also has two sons with her. Find out all the details about Yvonne Mcguinness here. 

Yvonne Mcguinness was a long-time girlfriend of Murphy

In 2004 Yvonne Mcguinness married her long-time boyfriend Cillian Murphy. Their wedding location was Provence, France at a vineyard. Now she is forty-nine years old. Also, she has two kids with Murphy and both boys named Malachy and Aran. 

She is a visual artist 

According to her website, she is an artist specializing in film, performance, sculptural and textile elements. She also has worked as a visual artist for the films her husband has acted on. 

The meeting of Yvonne and Cillian Murphy

Many sources claim that Yvonne and Cillian Murphy met when Murphy was performing at a rock concert in 1996. But Cillian said that he met his wife at the shooting of the 2001 Irish film “Disco Pig”. This was the first time he saw his wife and she was with him for his whole tour. 

Also, they met at a time when they two were struggling in their career. But they grew up together and are successful now. From the first moment they met, they experienced some attraction. He commented about the first time he saw his wife “I remember the confidence of youth that you have. You’re just going for it, and when you are 19 or 20 nothing seems permanent. It was an adventure, but, looking back, it does seem hugely formative”. Now the couple are married for sixteen years. 

Kids of Murphy and McGuinness

Murphy and McGuinness have two boys one is named Malachy and the other is Aran. They are fourteen and twelve respectively. 

The networth of Yvonne

As Yvonne has a respectable career of her own she has a networth of $1 million. Her husband has a networth of $15 million. 

Her relative is politician John McGuinness

McGuinness is the relative of the Fianna Fáil politician John McGuinness. He is her uncle. He is sixty-seven years old. 

They moved to Ireland 

Because of the work schedule of Cillian Murphy, the couple stayed in London with their kids. But the family moved to their native land Dublin, Ireland after living in London for over fourteen years. They moved because the couple wanted their children to live near their grandparents. 

Further, as they belong to the Irish culture they want to imbibe it into their kids. Murphy commented about this shift “We wanted them to be Irish, I suppose. It’s amazing how quickly accents have adapted. Even within a year of moving back, they are fading into this rakish west Brit kind of thing. Which I think, hopefully, will get them lots of girls when they’re 15”. 

Also, Cillian Murphy is a simple man because at the end of the day he likes to “For me, it’s about being home and living life. Taking the dog for a walk, doing the shopping, emptying the dishwasher, going for a run”. 

A Quick Wikis/ Bio Review

Name Yvonne Mcguinness
Real Name
Nick Name
Irish visual artist
Birth Year October 12, 1972
How old is? 49 years (as of Aug 2022)
How tall is Ariana? 1.73 cm (in feet inches- 5′ 7″)
Birthplace (Native) Kilkenny, Ireland
Zodiac Sign Libra
Cillian Murphy (m. 2004)
Net Worth $500 Thousand As of media resource
Parents Gay McGuinness
Children Malachy Murphy, Aran Murphy


Yvonne Mcguinness is an amazing woman and a wife. She has a career and also supports the career of her husband. Now she is living with her husband and kids in a peaceful and serene place in Ireland.

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