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IWC Watches

For over 85 years now, IWC has been supplying customer demands by producing quality, genuine and functional luxury watches sold around the globe. With functionalities meeting the specific needs of their clients, you can bank on their precision and reliability when you strap in your watch.

IWC watches combine both American technological developments and Swiss craftsmanship, which makes it all worth your while. The Swiss Luxury Watch collection includes:

Pilot’s Watches

These were intended for navigation purposes for aviators. And if you are a modern-day explorer looking for an ideal tool for your exercises, then IWC Schaffhausen has the best watches for you. The Pilot’s watch collection features watches like:

1. The classic was the first Pilot’s watch out of the IWC doors back in the 1930s. It set standards that other watchmakers benchmarked and a dial design that has remained relevant to date. It features a stainless steel case, a black dial with luminescence, and brown calfskin straps. You can also find red and blue straps for this 43mm diameter watch.

2. Big Pilot’s Watch 43- sapphire glass and antireflective coatings are some of the features of these watches. Along with the signature, IWC watches a quick-change system; the glass secures the components against displacement by any decrease in air pressure. You also get a 6-color selection for your automatic and self-winding watch.

3. Big Pilot’s Watch heritage- 46.2mm diameter, titanium case, and water resistance for up to 6 bars of pressure are some of the 52210 calibre IWC watch features. With 31 jewels, 168 hours of power reserve, and automatic self-winding movements, this glass-secured watch is what you need for your exploration.


Timeless designs are what IWC watches are all about. But the Portoguiser takes class to the next level. From the iconic design, simple Arabic numerals, and imposing size, the Portoguiser was ahead of its time. The design still stands and is now considered a fashion icon, making it an even better option for your watch collection.

Da Vinci

The Da Vinci IWC watch collection holds to its name with its unique aesthetics, technical innovations, and high complications. It is not just a watch but an asset that completes your look and gives your outfit an edge. The round-shaped watches have a simple design and double-framed bezels. If you love Leonardo, then Da Vinci is your watch of choice.


IWC Watches bring you elegance and glamour in one blended yet sophisticated watch to match your Mediterranean life. With its minimalistic design, you can easily add it to your collection and feel comfortable wearing it. It also features a back engraving that gives you a peek into the magic of the harbor of Portofino


A combination of elegance and sportiness is what the Ingenieur IWC watch collection gives, even after 50 years since production. The striking design, combined with the ruggedness of a sporty look, gives it an undeniably technical appeal that has held its place to date.


If you enjoy getting down into the ocean, exploring sea floors, or even swimming with the dolphins, then the Aquatimer is the watch for you. It is engineered for professional divers and is reliable for dry-land adventures too.

You can choose from the Chronograph edition ‘Darwin,’ the Aquatimer Automatic, Expedition Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and the Galapagos Islands edition.

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