How to Get Glowing Skin at Home

Glowing Skin

All of us want a skin that is healthy and more importantly glowing. We are all obsessed with it to the point that we constantly Google about achieving such beautiful skin. Glowing skin comes from taking care of it regular but with the stressful lives that we lead, it sometimes gets really difficult to achieve it.

One can use the various home remedies for glowing skin that has been passed down by our ancestors and still work like magic. The following are some of the ingredients that can be found easily on the kitchen shelf.

1)     Milk

Raw milk is an ingredient that is easily available in every house and can be used to attain glowing skin. The tyrosine keeps the melanin in check and prevents skin darkening as well. The raw milk can be applied on the skin with a cotton ball or pad every day until desired results are achieved. Milk can be mixed with honey and applied on the face regularly. This paste can be washed off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water.

2)     Honey

Honey has antibacterial properties that prevent pimples and acne. It also moisturizes the skin and its bleaching properties help reduce the scars and pigmentation on the skin. A mixture of honey, grated potato and a few drops of rose water can be used to get that enviable glowing skin. Apply the paste and let it sit for over 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

3)     Turmeric

The curcumin in turmeric improves the skin complexion, promotes skin brightening and rejuvenates the skin. Turmeric has been our grandmothers’ most recommended beauty tips. Make a mixture of a teaspoon of turmeric, another teaspoon of yogurt and two teaspoons of lemon and apply on the face and neck for 15 minutes. This can be done twice a week.

4)     Yogurt

Yogurt’s lactic acid acts as a bleaching agent which results in the removal of dead skin cells. The dead skin cells are often damaged and cause darkness in the first place. This layer of skin is replaced by a new, smooth layer of glowing skin.

5)     Lemon

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is in its Ascorbyl form. The vitamin has been proven to hinder the stimulation of melanin of the skin. Lemon is very beneficial for remedying hyperpigmentation.

6)     Cucumber

Cucumber has rich benefits for the health of the body as well as our skin. Cucumbers have soothing properties and their pH level is the same as that of the skin which balances the skin, replenishes it and gives glowing skin. Cucumber can be grated and mixed with sandalwood powder and rose water to form a paste that can be applied to the face for 20 minutes. This paste can be used about three times a week.

7)     Aloe Vera

Aloe vera seems to be the answer to all health, hair and skin issues. Aloe vera removes the dead skin cells and reduces hyperpigmentation while keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Aloe vera leaves can be cut from the plant and its gel can be directly applied on the skin for 15 minutes every day.

Beauty products such as the following can also be used to get a glowing skin.

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