Phil Collins’ Cheating Ex-Wife Orianne Cevey To Make A Million At Her Grand Auction

Orianne Cevey

All of us have surely danced to the beats of the famous drummer and singer Phil Collins, hasn’t it? Well, then you must also be familiar with his ex-wife Orianne Cevey. Yes, recently, she has made the headlines after getting divorced from her celebrity husband.

However, this Swiss jewelry designer is also the talk of the town because of a bizarre incident. Well, she is recently auctioning off a number of her husband’s items. Yes, it also includes his music records after Phil ordered her to leave his house. Today, we will talk about what gave rise to such an incident and also a bit about who she is. Let’s take a look!

Quick : Bio & Wikipedia

✔ Real Name Orianne Cevey
✔ Birthday March 24, 1974
✔ Birthplace Nyon, Switzerland
✔ Nationality American, Swiss
✔ zodiac sign Aries
✔ Height 5′ 4″ 5-foot, 4-inches
✔ Profession Swiss jewellery designer
✔ Spouse Thomas Bates (m. 2020), Phil Collins (m. 1999–2008)Megan Thee Stallion
✔ Age As of 2021, She is 47 Year Old
✔ Salary/Income Under Review
✔ Net Worth $100 million
✔ Parents N/A
✔ Children Nicholas Collins, Matthew Collins, Andrea Mejjati

Who Is Orianne Cevey?

If you read this article, you are indeed eager to know about the celebrity spouse Orianne Cevey, right? Well, the sexy lady is the former wife of the celebrity drummer Phil Collins. However, Orianne Cevey also has an identity of her own. 

She is a famous Swiss jewelry designer. In fact, we often find the celebrities wearing her collections at renowned award shows and events. So you can understand the level of her popularity these days.

For How Long Was The Couple Married To Each Other?

When Orianne started dating Phil she was very young. It was in 1999 that the power couple tied the knot. After a year of their marriage, the couple jointly founded a charity set up, Little Dreams Foundation.

However, the marital bliss did not last for long as the couple announced their divorce in 2006, citing personal differences as the reason for the split. It is from this moment the problems began to arise between the couple. 

What Led Orianne Cevey To Auction Her Ex-Husband’s Gold Records?

As we discussed earlier, just after their divorce, problems began to arise between the couple. Orianne was, in fact, accused of cheating behind her husband’s back and secretly marrying another man. It is due to this reason; her ex-husband kicked her out of the house.

According to reports, after that, she was auctioning off many valuable items of her ex-husband, which also includes the former Genesis star’s gold music records at just $100. Moreover, we come to know that earlier this month, both she and her present husband, Thomas Bates, left Collins’ luxurious home after a court mandate asked them to leave. 

It was after moving out that she started selling off her ex-husband’s things. Along with Phil’s gold records, she is also selling off Chanel bags and clothes, Rolex watches, diamond jewels, and other valuable items. In fact, she put to auction a vintage stamp collection as well as an unset 10.35-carat diamond. 

What Is The Reason Behind This Auction?

You must be curious to know the reason behind this grand auction, right? Let us talk about it right here! According to her PR team, she will donate 10% of the proceeds to a charity foundation. They also mentioned that, since Orianne Cevey is shifting to a smaller house, she is “getting rid of some of her clothing and jewelry, that she no longer wears.” 

Moreover, her representatives said that by doing this, Orianne felt very cathartic and auctioned the items that no longer sparked any joy in her life. 

What Is Phil Collins’ Reaction To This Incident?

Well, if you wonder what her ex-husband might say to this, you are at the right place. Stay tuned to this blog to know every little detail about this event. So what do you think was Phil’s reaction to it? Let us take a look. 

After Phils’ ex-wife sold his valuable gold records at the auction, his lawyers sprang up to retrieve them. As you can understand, they were indeed precious and dear to Phil Collins, so it is self-evident that he would want them back. Unfortunately, we do not come to know about Phil Collin’s exact comments on this incident. 

Summing it Up

So as we conclude, you can very well understand that Phil Collins did not take this auctioning of Orianne Cevey in good spirit. Well, it is for obvious reasons. However, as of now, we haven’t come across any new updates about this high-profile event. We will update you with every detail if anything new comes up.

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