Fort Lauderdale Airport Will be Closed Till Friday Cause of Severe Flooding

Fort Lauderdale Airport

Flash floods struck Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on Tuesday evening after heavy rains hit the area. The floods caused traffic chaos, flooded roads, and submerged cars. Fortunately, no fatalities or injuries have been reported.

Warnings Issued

The National Weather Service warned people to stay off the roads due to flash floods in Fort Lauderdale. Heavy rain began at around 5 p.m. and quickly caused water levels to rise, submerging cars and SUVs on flooded roads. Some drivers had to leave their vehicles and walk in waist-deep water.

Floodwater may Have Debris

Also, officials are asking drivers to steer clear of flooded roads and reminding locals that it is against the law to drive through standing water. The National Weather Service has prolonged the flash flood warning for Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood until 9:30 p.m. because of the heavy rain. The region had already experienced 2-3 inches of rainfall, and another 1-3 inches is anticipated, especially in Hollywood’s proximity.

Warnings Issued

Worst Flooding in Decades

The greater Fort Lauderdale metro area has already received a total of 14 to 20 inches of rain since Wednesday afternoon, which is being described as the worst flooding in the area’s history.

The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue team worked through the night to assist those affected by the floods, and they deployed high-water vehicles to rescue stranded motorists. The team also conducted search and rescue operations in flooded areas to ensure everyone was safe.

Heavy Rainfall becoming Common

Heavy rainfall is becoming more common due to climate change. Recently, South Florida experienced severe flooding, which is happening more often in different parts of the US. Although the heavy rain has stopped, many roads remain closed, and the flooding is expected to continue.

In addition, the flooding caused power outages in several neighbourhoods. And the local electric company is working to restore power to affected areas as quickly as possible.

Worst Flooding in Decades

Residents Advised Caution

Residents have also been advised to take precautions to prevent water damage to their homes. Such as removing any valuables from the basement and elevating any electrical equipment. Floodwater can cause significant damage to homes and may lead to mould growth if not dealt with promptly.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a statement in response to the floods. He said that the state is closely monitoring the situation and is ready to provide any necessary assistance to the affected areas. Everybody is vigilant for the time being.


Moreover, weather forecasters have warned that the heavy rain and flooding may continue over the next few days. Local authorities are urging people to stay alert and take precautions to stay safe.

In conclusion, severe flash floods hit Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday evening, causing traffic chaos and flooded roads. Although no fatalities or injuries came to the surface. Authorities are advising motorists and residents to take precautions to stay safe. Because they also expect rain to continue in the area. The local authorities are working to provide assistance to those affected by the floods. And residents are taking precautions to prevent water damage to their homes.

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