Death News Viral On Tiktok, About Haley Grace Phillips Missing Incident

Haley Grace Phillips

Haley Grace Phillips is a resident of Los Angeles who got mistaken online for Cassie Compton who is a resident of Arkansas. Well, Cassie is a person who has been missing for a long time. So, many mistook Haley to be Cassie. For that reason, Haley cleared the misunderstanding in her Instagram account. Furthermore, she told that she is fine and thanked everyone for their care. Of course, this all happened because she has a high resemblance to the missing person. Just keep scrolling to know more about this incident.+

Who is Haley Grace Phillips?

In short, Haley Grace Phillips is a normal young woman who currently resides in Los Angeles. All of this started when social media users mistook this person for Cassie Compton, who remains a missing mystery. Right now, due to this misunderstanding, Haley has more than 11K followers on her Instagram account. Finally, she spoke about the Tiktok video mistake on her social media account.

Is Haley Grace Phillips Dead?

“As of some internet resource, Haley Phillips Death is Fake News.”

Why did everyone think that Haley went missing?

All of this started when a relative of Haley posted a comment on her Facebook page. There, her family member said that she was missing for a few days. After that, things started to get bigger due to a theory involving a Tiktok video. Yes, a viral Tiktok video went around where many believed to be Cassie. But, the truth is – it was Haley and not Cassie in that viral video.

Haley Grace Phillips
FBI investigating viral TikTok video believed to be missing girl Cassie Compton. Picture: Stuttgart Police Department, @therealhaleygrace via Instagram

Well, that video got so popular that it got nearly a million views. Also, in that video, you can see 2 men in a car with a girl seated at the back. Furthermore, you can notice that she has bruised eyes and stares directly into the camera while the men talk to each other. And, this caused quite a stir online.

So, to clear things out, her relative posted once more that the woman in that video was Haley Grace Phillips. Later, her own father also confirmed it.

What did Haley say about all of this?

Obviously, concerned social media users kept voicing out their concerns about Haley. For that reason, she spoke out to clear up things once and for all. In a video post, she thanked everyone for worrying about her. Moreover, she told that she was robbed at weekend and plainly told no one kidnapped her. Finally, she told everyone not to bother her anymore about this issue.


The reaction of the public

Of course, you will find the reaction to be mixed about this mistaken identity issue. For starters, some think that she is not herself in recent times. In fact, they claim that she no longer posts dolled up pics with pretty clothes. Rather, her whole outfit seems to be completely different. On the other hand, some told her that she looks lost with no shine in her eyes. Finally, there were some speculations that she’s being trafficked.

Who is Cassie Compton?

Surely, you must be wondering who is this Cassie Compton that everyone mistook for Haley. Well, she is a teenager who went missing on 14th September 2014. At that time, she was living in Arkansas. The disappearance of the 15-year-old teenager remains a mystery to date.

Well, that’s all there is about Haley Grace Phillips missing case. In short, Cassie and Haley are 2 different people. For more future updates, stay tuned!

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