Best Samsung Soundbar To Use With Samsung TVs

Samsung Soundbar
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In case, you have bought a new Samsung Tv, you might also consider going for a Samsung soundbar. With the advancement of television technology, TVs nowadays provide UHD and 4k picture quality. In fact. Samsung’s picture quality is really the top-graded one in the market. Therefore, it is normal for people to go for the latest Samsun TVs with the ultimate display quality. Now, after you get yourself one of those TVs, you can be assured of an ultimate viewing experience. Yet, there is one thing that seems really a misfit for such a grand display. Yes! I am talking about the sound quality.

We know the latest Samsung televisions are equipped with good quality speakers, that will provide clear and crisp sound quality. However, if you compare the sound quality of a TV speaker to that of a soundbar, you will definitely find the soundbar a better option. In fact, the soundbars add spice to the viewing experience. Moreover, a soundbar is less expensive than an AV receiver or a surround sound system. In addition, installing them is alos a lot easier than the other options available on the market. Therefore, if you wish to learn about the best Samsung soundbar for your Samsung TV, this article is the perfect stop for you. Keep reading this article to know more about the soundbars that will suit your viewing experience. 

Best Soundbars For Your Samsung TV

Best Soundbars For Your Samsung TV
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There are two types of connectors that come with soundbars. One is the Physical connectors, while the other is the Wireless connectors. Therefore, taking all the aspects into account, here are a number of choices that might be best suited for your Samsun Tv:

1. Samsung Soundbar HW-R550

This is a very powerful soundbar by Samsung, which is also really affordable. Firstly, it is a Bluetooth soundbar. Next, it is a Samsung soundbar with subwoofer. The design is really a clean one with four 40W drivers that are arranged in two channels. Moreover, it has one HDMI input, one HDMI ARC OUT, one optical, AUX, and a USB. 

Controlling it is also easy. There are buttons on the soundbar, that enable you to control the soundbar. In addition, there is also a Samsung soundbar remote, with more control than the buttons. In addition, it also supports the Samsung Audio Remote App. Packed with four sound modes like surround, standard, smart mode and game, it is one of the best options to use for your Samsung TV. 

2. Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q80R 

The Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q80R is yet another powerful soundbar from the house Samsung. It comes with a wireless subwoofer. This soundbar is designed in a collaboration with Harman Kardon and is sure to deliver a great listening experience. Moreover, it supports 4K HDR pass-through, along with DTS:X support. Since it is a Bluetooth device, therefore this Samsung Soundbar setup is a bit on the easy side. 

With 3 tweeters and 10 18W full-ranged woofers, it is a beast in matters of sound. Standard, surround, game pro, and adaptive are the four modes that it comes with. Like the previous soundbar, here too there are buttons on the soundbar for controls, along with a remote control.

3. Bose SoundTouch 300

Moving out of the Samsung products, the SoundTouch 300 is a great option for your Samsung TV. This sophisticated and elegant-looking soundbar is a bit older than the other ones on the list. However, with one tweeter and 4 full-range woofers, it is yet another sound beast. It comes with one HDMI ARC output, one HDMI input, one optical port, an Ethernet port, two 3.5mm jacks, and a micro USB port. Apart from that, you can also connect it through Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

The Universal remote and the SoundTouch app are there for controlling the soundbar. Moreover, compared to its size, the sound performance is gorgeous. Thus, you might also go for it for your Samsung TV.

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1. How to connect a Samsung soundbar to a TV?

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2. How to reset the Samsung soundbar?

The best way to reset is to turn the soundbar off, then unplug it and then reconnect it.

3. How to pair a Samsung soundbar?

Follow this link for the perfect process.

4. How to connect the Samsung subwoofer to the soundbar?

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