7 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast in the Current Market

selling your home fast

With record-low mortgage rates combined with a low housing inventory, homes are frequently selling for more than the market value these days. In fact, there were only 1 million homes listed for sale at the end of January 2021, which is 26% lower than 2020. 

If you’ve been considering putting your home on the market, now is a great time. But, even in a hot market, you want to make sure your home doesn’t sit for sale for too long. 

Keep reading to discover the top tips that will help you with selling your home fast in today’s market.

1. List With the Best Realtor

When selling your home, the first and arguably most important step to take is choosing a realtor. Listing with the wrong realtor can cause your home to be marketed ineffectively. Listing with the right realtor will get your home sold fast and at the best possible price. 

To find a list of local agents, simply do a Google search of “sell my home in [location]”. Then gather all the names you find and start to do research on the individual agents. 

A few things to look out for include:

  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • How long are their average homes on the market?
  • How many other homes do they have listed right now?
  • Do they have high ratings and reviews on their website?

2. Deep Clean the Home and Stage

Once you’ve found the best realtor, you’re going to want to do a deep clean of the entire home. 

When a potential buyer is looking at a home, they will open every drawer and closet. This means that you need to deep clean every single surface in your home. There are many home cleaning companies that provide cleaning packages for this very purpose. 

Some realtors may provide staging services for their clients. If they do, that’s great. If your’s doesn’t offer this, you can stage the home yourself. 

The purpose of home staging is to allow any potential buyers to better picture themselves in the home. This means you should remove all clutter and personal items, such as family photos. From there, arrange the furniture as aesthetically-pleasing as possible. 

3. Do Minor Repairs

Next, you’ll want to do any minor repairs or projects that you’ve been putting off. 

This might include simple things like filling in any holes in the walls and repainting a room. Other things to consider repairing include leaky faucets and fix any faulty appliances. You’ll also want to make sure that all doors and drawers open and close as they should. 

Don’t embark on any large projects until after the inspections are done. If something huge, like a new roof, needs to be completed you can then negotiate this with the buyer. But don’t put the time and effort into a large project unless absolutely necessary. 

4. Take Great Photos 

Due to COVID-19, more and more people are turning to the internet to start the home-buying process. Around 93% of people admit to looking online at websites when searching for a home. This means you need to make your online listing as attractive as possible. 

Ask your realtor if they use a professional photography service to photograph their listings. If they do, then great. All you need to do is make sure the home is available and clean for the photo appointment. 

If not, you and your realtor may need to take the photos on your own. Make sure you take the photos with as much natural light as possible. Take photos from every angle of the room and decide on the best photos later. 

5. Price the Home Appropriately

Even in today’s lucrative market, a home can sit on the market without any offers if it isn’t priced correctly. Just because the market is hot, that doesn’t mean you should overprice your home and expect it to sell. Instead, you’ll want to do research on the best listing price. 

Start by looking at the sale price of similar homes in your area recently. This will give you a good starting base of what your home may be worth. 

Then, consider any special features your home offers that make it attractive. Also factor in any major repairs or improvements you’ve made to the new home, such as a new HVAC system. All of these things mean you can increase the original list price. 

6. Allow ‘Go and Show’ Appointments

For a home to sell, interested buyers need to be able to see it. If you’re working from home or have a rotating schedule, this can make it hard for potential buyers to schedule a showing. 

The best solution is to set your home up as a “go and show” property. This means that your home is available to be seen at a moment’s notice and any showing requests are automatically approved. 

Just be aware that you can’t be home during a showing, so have a local place you can spend time at if a showing pops up while you’re home. Also, you’ll need to make sure your house remains clean around-the-clock. 

7. Be Flexible With Closing Costs 

If you want to sell your home fast, it’s best to be flexible with closing costs. 

For example, when people are buying a new home, they may offer a price lower than the original listing price. If this is the case, you can negotiate on the price by offering to pay half or all of closing costs if they give you a better offer. 

Closing costs would typically be added to the cash amount the buyer would have to pay at the closing appointment. Allowing the buyer to avoid these extra out-of-pocket costs may mean a higher offer price for you. 

Selling Your Home Fast Is Possible

Now you have all the tips to help you with selling your home fast.

Start by finding the best local realtor to list your home with then give it a deep clean and stage it. From there, do any minor repairs to improve the condition of the home and take great photos. Now you’re ready to price the home, list it as a “show and go”, and be flexible with the closing costs. 

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