Umar Cassim Strives To Take Over The Entertainment Game And Begin Investing With Itsumarc7

Umar Cassim

An Interesting Story of A Young Inspirational Entrepreneur Umar Cassim and his Instagram and tik tok profile is @itsumarc7. Don’t know how many have life-changing power. Here is one among them.

Umar Cassim, the 16 years old teenager, lives in California, USA. He has gained fame from Instagram and TikTok in recent days. One day, he thought of making a funny video related to the sneakers. In that video, he does crease the shoes and does stereotype that the sneakers do not like. They named the video “How to make a sneakerhead mad”.  Surprisingly, the video got over 2.6 million views overnight. The viewers liked his exciting energy and funny videos. It got featured on many mainstream newscasts on Instagram in the title of complex sneakers and complex news. Now, Umar has become an influencer with more than 80K followers on Instagram. He is also a content creator on TikTok. He had created a brand and business for himself and started to make money online! He wanted to grow more by using a YouTube channel that is expected to release soon!!

He started a page for selling sneakers for making extra money. Within a short span of time, the selling page is changed to a brand and digital marketing. Most people think that to be an entrepreneur; there should be a workout and a plan for the business. To start a business, capital and assets are required.  But Umar is the best example to break all the above thoughts. His only asset is a smartphone and his inspirational attitude. He is a truly inspirational entrepreneur. You can find his videos and content on Instagram and TikTok in the ID @itsumarc7. He started his page in the name of @reselluc7, and after the tremendous response, he had created his own brand. Later, his page was changed to @reselluc7store. He is so humble to his audience, fans, and supporters to make him popular. Through his earnings, he has announced cash rewards to his supporters, who will be picked up randomly. This attitude has created a more positive response from his supporters.


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About 1 year ago I started a this exact Instagram page, to sell sneakers that I didn’t wear anymore to make some extra cash for school lunch etc. ⁣ ⁣ Within 1 year I was truly astonished that we turned this page to something more then just that. Something that has helped other people and myself to create my own brand. I started this page with the name @reselluc7. And @reselluc7 will always be remembered on my second page @reselluc7store!⁣ ⁣ After almost over a year of doing this we are finally going after bigger and better things. Even I don’t know what the future holds from here, but I sure know that it’s going to be successful and I will make sure of that. I want to deeply thank every single person who has supported me, or helped me get to where I am today from where I started, and I will ensure that I remember.⁣ ⁣ Now introducing @itsumarc7.⁣ ⁣ Huge things coming, thanks to each and every one of you guys ❤️ changed my life for the better ⚡️❤️⁣ ⁣ All reposts on stories to help get the name change word around are appreciated ✌?(random one will get $50)

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Umar Cassim used his smartphone as the resource and created content on Instagram and TikTok. Sitting at home, he earned income by millions of followers and likes. He also gives back free-cash randomly and giveaways for sneakers on his Instagram.  He started posting giveaways for sneakers and digital marketing. Later, he started posting crazy videos of the stereotype sneakers, which was a massive hit from his fans. The response was astonishing, and many thousands of audiences followed him for his crazy videos. Umar started earning from digital marketing. He is a young and inspiring entrepreneur to earn from digital marketing. He is the trendsetter for youngsters to earn more money online.  The success behind this youngster is his idea. Many of the entrepreneurs focus on internet marketing, software development, consulting, and many other areas without the ability to execute it. But Umar Cassim, being a youngster and without any prior experience, achieved a milestone that is a challenge to many of the entrepreneurs today.