How to Smoke Lamb Shoulder

How to Smoke Lamb Shoulder

Your typical backyard barbecue or cookout usually includes the standards like burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and Bbq Chicken Dry Rub, but if you are looking to change things up a bit and go with something more unique, try smoking a lamb shoulder.

Lamb is certainly something different and offers a unique and different flavour. Even those most resistant to trying lamb will find smoked lamb shoulder to be delicious and tender. Using a Dry Spice Rub for Lamb that compliments the flavours makes it even better.

How do you get that perfect flavour from lamb and prepare it so it tastes as though an expert chef prepared it? That’s what we’re here to help you with today.

Lamb is oftentimes a more special choice for a barbecue because it is not as easy to get as your typical barbecue fare. However, if you can get a whole, bone-in lamb shoulder, you can prepare one for your next gathering.

Typically when smoking pork, you would use hickory wood to help add that smoky touch. Lamb doesn’t need to be overpowered by the smoke, but more subtle, so using a fruit wood like applewood can help with that.

Delicious lamb shoulder is only as good as the dry rub you use to enhance the flavour. Casa M Spice Co™ has the perfect dry spice rub for a lamb to bring out the best in your lamb dish.

Good Shepherd™ is the Casa M Spice Co™ spice blend designed specifically for lamb chops, leg of lamb and more. With a perfect mix of all-natural ingredients like black pepper, mustard and earthy, aromatic spices such as rosemary, you can use this low sodium blend to a season to taste and create a savoury, mouth-watering flavour unlike anything you have tried before.

Cover the lamb shoulder with this seasoning and prepare for smoking the meat. Set your smoker to between 250 and 275 degrees. Set the meat and smoke for at least five hours and continue smoking until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 195 degrees throughout the lamb shoulder.

After removing the lamb from the smoker, cover in foil and let sit in a place where it can be kept warm. This resting process should allow the meat to pull from the bone easily, the way you would with pulled pork. If the meat is too tough and not releasing from the bone easily, it has not cooked enough.

Now you have perfectly prepared lamb to be able to make sandwiches or other dishes.

If you are a lover of lamb dishes, want to try lamb for the first time, or simply love barbecue, head over to Casa M Spice Co™ today to pick up the best dry spice rub for lamb. You will be sure to get delicious and mouth-watering results.

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