Where Does Vanilla Flavor Come From?

Where Does Vanilla Flavoring Come From

A trend among Tiktok users became popular. A user known as Sloowmoee posted a video of drinking a vanilla latte. Then he searched in Google to find the source of Vanilla essence and flavors? He asked the viewers to drink the vanilla latte and take a video of their expression after searching where does vanilla flavoring come from? Now, this video has become viral.

In the top results in Google, there is a topic “Beaver Butts Emit Goo Used for Vanilla Flavoring”. There is thick brown secretion known as castoreum that beavers emit. It has a musky, vanilla scent that the foods scientists use to incorporate in their recipes. But according to a report, the typical consumer is not likely to find castoreum in food. Here you can all the details about vanilla flavor and get the answer to the question Where does vanilla flavoring come from?

where does vanilla flavoring come from

Is the vanilla flavor from anal secretions of Beavers’?

Castoreum is a term that appears classy and antique. Yet it is a bizarre thing and one of the ingredients in creating drinks and foods. One historian named Nadia Bernstein wrote in 2018 about castoreum. She says that it comes from the castor sacs present near the anal glands. It is a yellowish oily fluid and its fragrance comes from the plant food the beaver eats. So it is a natural essence from the beavers.

Many wildlife experts agree that from the beaver’s butt there is always an emission of fragrance. But according to National Geographic, the castoreum is difficult to get. First, the beavers have to be anesthetized and the castor sacs milked.

But it is quite rare to find the vanilla flavor sourced from the beavers in foods. It is more commonly used in fragrances that emit from lotion and candle wax.

where does vanilla flavoring come from

Why Natural Castoreum is not popular today?

In the early twentieth century, the castoreum was available to make flavors and perfumes. It was a major ingredient in drinks, cakes, ice cream, and more. It was never the main ingredient but brought out the flavors well. But over time the natural castoreum was considered to be not kosher so instead of that the synthetic flavors became popular. Synthetic flavors became the order of the day.

Why did the trend become viral?

When people found out that the beaver butts emit the essence required to make vanilla many people became disgusted and shocked. They were not able to handle the truth. Therefore many people spit out their vanilla lattes and ice creams. But you do not need to spit out your latte yet. This is because the vanilla from castoreum is not kosher so many people stopped using it. It means that you may not have ingested this type of vanilla essence in your life.

Also, the essence from Beaver’s butt is difficult to get in sizeable quantities. But it is still a part of making candles and perfumes. It is not present in soft drinks and foods anymore. So there is no need to worry.

Where Does Vanilla Flavoring Come From in foods and drinks come from?

The answer to this question is not interesting but pleasant for the ears. Now the manufacturers use synthetic vanilla flavors. The synthetic version of vanilla is vanillin. It comes from the organic compound called vanilla beans which offer the vanilla extract its flavor. Now it is popular than natural extracts. Therefore this answer has offered satisfaction to many.


Vanilla Flavoring is an interesting topic and there are many things to know about it. It is one of the common flavors. Because of the Tiktok trend, many people started to have a negative view of vanilla. But today the artificial vanilla flavors have become popular among food manufacturers.

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