How and When To Change Your Car’s Battery

How and When To Change Your Car's Battery?
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Your car battery is at the heart of your vehicle’s electrical system. It provides power when your vehicle needs to start and stores excess power produced by the alternator. When your battery isn’t working, you will experience a myriad of electrical problems. However, sometimes these issues can be caused by other issues such as a bad ignition. Knowing how and when you change your battery will help you keep your car or truck in good working order. Plus, it is almost as easy as changing windshield wiper blades.

Changing Your Battery

The process of changing your car battery will depend slightly on your vehicle. Most cars and trucks have their batteries in the engine compartment. However, some models have them in the trunk, under the driver’s seat, or even in front of one of the wheels. Check your owner’s manual for the specific location and instructions.

The process for removing the old battery and installing a new one is typically more or less the same. These are the key steps:

  1. Remove the negative cable from the negative terminal.
  2. Remove the positive cable from the positive terminal.
  3. Disconnect the battery from any mounting hardware (often a screw or clamp on the side).
  4. Carefully lift the battery out, avoiding jostling it or spilling.
  5. Insert the new battery.
  6. Reconnect the mounting hardware.
  7. Reconnect the positive followed by the negative cables.
  8. Make sure the battery can’t move then test that everything is working.

It may take a little time the first time you try to charge your battery. However, this is an easy process that anyone can do.

Check the Life of Your Battery AutoZone Services

If you want to determine whether you need a new battery or not, you can take advantage of AutoZone services. They will test your battery and other electrical components quickly and for free. Better yet, you can get this service at just about any store location.

They will help you to test the battery to see when it will need to be replaced. If possible, they will help you revive your battery using a charger. It is fast, reliable, and convenient.

How To Find Our What Windshield Wiper Blades Match Your Vehicle
If you want to do a little extra maintenance beyond your battery, consider changing the wiper blades. This is an easy task that anyone can learn how to do. Plus, your windshield wipers are an important safety feature that should be kept in good shape at all times.

You will need to get the right wiper blade size. AutoZone can help here also. Just search on their website using the vehicle filter and you will find the wiper blades that fit your car or truck.

Get Started Working on Your Car or Truck

Doing your own vehicle maintenance and repair work can be a lot of fun. It is also a good way to save money over going to the mechanic. You may be surprised by how much you can learn to do. All you need are a few tools, some parts, and a little patience.