Types Of Technology And Their Contributions In Developing The World

Types Of Technology And Their Contributions In Developing The World


Technology is a term that means the use of scientific knowledge to accomplish some crucial tasks or to use scientific knowledge for specific applications. We are using technology in day-to-day lives. The best example is smartphones that most of us use for various reasons. Other than this, you can see technology at your house, office, transport, communication, etc. Coming to the types of technology, there are many but, here we will see some of the basic types Sensoronics.

Types of Technology:

Technology is available in various forms. Let us see the most basic types briefly.

  1. Information Technology
  2. Communication Technology
  3. Mechanical Technology
  4. Electronic Technology
  5. Medical Technology
  6. Management Technology
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Blockchain Technology

Information Technology:

Information Technology

Now, we are in the information technology age, in which many companies or big organizations make use of information technology to get their necessary outputs. With information technology, one is able to create, process, and store the data to get the needed output. The best examples are the software programs or other advanced services that make your complex process to be simple. Some examples of information technology are mobile phones, personal computers, voice and video applications, servers, etc.

Communication Technology:

Communication Technology

This is another form of information technology. With communication technology, one can send and receive their messages and information easily. Information transfer becomes an easy task with this technology. This technology improves customer retention to the best. One can convert simple information into valuable data with these technology tools. In an office, team members can improve internal communication using this technology. Even, to provide some feedback for certain products and services, customers feel it easy to update their comments. Some examples of communication technology are social networking sites, video conferencing, team collaboration apps, messenger applications, and live chat features, etc.

Mechanical Technology:

Mechanical Technology

This is very popular that one can see in their advanced cars and other vehicles. In the olden days, people use the basic buffalo carts for transportation, but now, it has become so advanced that one can move faster from one place to another place. So, the best examples of mechanical technology include cams, wheels, belts, cams, engines, belts, and gears, etc. 

Electronic Technology:

Electronic Technology

Electronic technology is another essential form of technology where electric circuits are used to accomplish various goals. In general, electric circuits involve a complex design. When you see any circuit board, you can see mesh connections that are difficult to understand. But, these tools are essential in developing complex machines like computers, dryers, televisions, washing machines, MP3 players, etc. These are nothing but the things that are built using electronic technology.

Medical Technology:

Medical Technology

With medical technology, it has become easy to diagnose and treat some dangerous diseases. Medical technology leads to the growth of some advanced machines and treatment conditions to help patients fight against health conditions. For example, to take the full images of the human body inside, doctors use MRI scanners. To make the patients breathe suffering from health conditions, doctors use Ventilators. Other examples are laser technology, robotic surgery, ECMO machines, heart monitors, and drugs, etc.

Management Technology:

Management Technology

Managers use this technology to make some good decisions. To manage any business efficiently with their clients, the exchange of data and retrieval of data is essential. Thus, management technology achieves these tasks efficiently. As of the result of this technology, database systems work at a lower cost than expected. So, this technology is not only improving performance but also, increasing profitability. The best example of management technology is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In IT sectors, project management software tools are another great example of this technology.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but smart machines like robots perform the jobs of humans. This is one of the advanced technologies that sound weird but interesting to listen to. To develop and build such smart, intelligent machines, high-tech services, and programming tools are essential. To solve the complex technical problems, AI-enabled systems are a must.

Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the latest technology in today’s currency market. Blockchain technology involves the distributed ledger system working through the peer-to-peer network. Here technology stores the origin of digital assets safely inside the block. It involves the chain of blocks in which different blocks store different data. Cryptocurrency is not the end of this technology, but it is more vast than this. The best example is the bitcoin blockchain technology. 

Contributions of Technologies in Developing the World:

Technology began to revolutionize the whole world’s economic conditions. For the development of the world, the technology works majorly in five areas such as healthcare, education, electricity, economy, and environment. 


With the development of cell phones, it has become easy for people in developing communities to connect and share vital information about health issues. People staying in small communities don’t have enough knowledge and awareness about health issues. Thus, with the help of cell phones, people capturing enough knowledge about deadly diseases such as COVID-19, AIDS, Cancer, and Malaria, etc. With the help of health text messaging services, the public can get alert about health emergencies and other alerts to take drugs. Portable sensors are the best examples that are effective in monitoring the health conditions of patients staying far from the hospital.


For the world’s growth, education is vital. For those children staying in developing areas, many tech services are providing affordable technology to develop their education. When such small community children get a proper education, then it helps to develop the country a lot. This will eventually lead to the development of the world.


Electricity is a luxury term in many developing countries like Africa. But with useful projects like IEEE Smart Village, many countries are getting enough electricity at an affordable cost. Engineers are playing a huge role in making new establishments in electricity. With their new innovative ideas and challenges, many developing countries are getting enough electricity for their needs. 


Technology has made a great improvement in creating economic sustainability. Poverty is a big problem that many developing countries face today. But with technological improvements, people in different developing countries can earn enough money to manage their life. Technology is introducing different business strategies, and people can use them to develop their financial status.


Many developing countries in the world are not getting the proper source of drinking water. They are getting inadequate sanitation facilities. But with the technology, various projects help such people in developing countries to get clean drinking water from sanitary sources such as protected wells, public taps, and boreholes, etc. Thus, the WHO reported 91 per cent of the world got a good source of drinking water due to these technological projects.

These are the contributions of technology in developing the world. People depend on advanced methods of technology to do their day-to-day activities. Some of the best examples are televisions, household appliances, smartphones, cars, laptops, etc. are some technology inventions without which people’s day-to-day activities are not possible. Thus, these inventions and other advanced technological ideas play a huge role in developing the various countries in the world. So, technology is making contributions to the world’s growth.