Why Use Custom Promotional Products?

Custom Promotional Products

Whether it is a free mouse pad, coffee mug, or ballpoint pen, custom promotional products are a great marketing tool for any business. You get repeat exposure for low cost. 

The idea behind custom promotional products is to attract more customers and create a wider brand appeal. People always love ‘free stuff’ and appreciate anything that adds value and convenience to their lives. It is estimated that 50% of people who are given promotional products use them every day. Customers also tend to give these items to other people rather than throw them away. 

Below are some specific benefits of custom promotional products: 

First, they are inexpensive. Compared to most advertising, promotional products give you great bang for the buck. Companies keep promotional product pricing low so they can have mass distribution. But the impact is high for people who receive the products. Most people will save and use the items for at least six months and then give them to someone else. This reduces the cost even further. 

It is believed that branded merchandise can be 66% more cost-effective per impression than advertising by newspaper, TV and magazine. 

Second, promotional products give you more brand recognition. All companies want to stand out from their competition. Promotional products let them put their logo on a product that customers will use daily. These items stay in the home, car, office, etc, so the consumer is reminded daily of the brand. 

Seeing the brand each day reinforces your marketing message without causing annoyance. About 25% of consumers say their impression of a firm is more favorable when they get a promotional item. Six out of ten consumers keep the item for as long as two years. 

Promotional items build customer loyalty and client retention. They give the brand more tangibility and personality. Being sure that gift items are well planned and interesting gives a bigger impact on the target audience and will boost your brand’s profile.

Fourth, promotional items lead to more leads and sales. They work the same way as a business card does but with more results. The customer sees the product every day rather than sticks it in a drawer and forgets about it. 

Clearly, custom promotional products can be an effective way to market your company. Remember to use this key marketing tool in your advertising campaign this year. It will definitely make a difference.

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