Historical Facts About Chimney Sweep: The Victorian Chimney Sweep Brutality

Victorian Chimney Sweep

Looking back at the historical facts will lay down some gruesome facts about chimney sweep. Especially, the victorian chimney sweep times weren’t pleasing for the little boys. Chimneys are not a new thing at all. If we look at the history books, we will see that after the industrial revolution, a lot of houses built chimneys. However, those chimneys were quite different from the ones that we see nowadays. For example, those had a spiral shape, and the width was quite narrow.

So, that’s why the master sweepers of those times hired little boys as their apprentices. On a surface level, this might seem a romantic description of the chimney’s history. However, it’s not so true because only cruelty and brutality awaited those poor little souls.

In this article, we will narrate some of the gruesome incidents of the victorian chimney sweep times and how it was one of the darkest phases.

Some Interesting Historical Facts Victorian Chimney Sweep

So, the time was the industrial revolution when a large portion of people from the village areas came to the cities in search of jobs. They wanted to earn their bread and that’s why they felt that the cities would provide more opportunities. However, it wasn’t a pleasing scene because a lot of people couldn’t get their jobs. Poverty increased steadily and the law also enabled the little kids to learn all sorts of trades.

Now, in this time, people built chimneys in their houses. That’s why the professional of chimney sweeping became a thing. Buildings were higher than before and the shape of the chimneys was also quite different.

The life of the chimney sweep was miserable for sure. For example, the master sweep, or the person who hired the apprentices for those work looked for young boys. We have already mentioned that the width was quite narrow. Therefore, the master sweep had to look for underfed children who would fit into the chimneys and clean the soot. That was the beginning of a miserable period where the children had to face a lot of trouble in their lives.

The Victorian Era Was The Worst For The Chimneys & Chimney Sweepers

Did you know that the victorian chimney sweep time was the worst one in history? Actually, the victorian era produced the worst kinds of chimneys. They weren’t like the ones we see nowadays, straight and single ones. The people of those times installed the chimneys in old buildings.

Therefore, they had a sort of spiral shape and those chimneys even avoided cutting through the living spaces. Moreover, most of them had a rough inch of nine to fourteen inches. In other words, those chimneys had tight spaces inside. Moreover, some of them even were 60 ft tall. Therefore, death from falling from one of those chimneys wasn’t a strange thing at all.

So, from the visual description, we can imagine the victorian chimney sweep times. The children had quite a tough time as well. Moreover, most of them had to do that out of choice as well. Sometimes, the master sweeper even kidnapped children and made them clean chimneys.

Generally, they chose young boys from orphanages and workhouses. The youngest boy to work as a chimney sweeper was only three and half years old as per the sources. Normally, they ranged between five to six years. Moreover, the master sweeper even chose kids who were underfed and undersized. In addition, they also preferred if they hadn’t had any parents as well.

Therefore, we can get a picture of the cruelty of the chimney sweep. Maybe the history books have romanticized the entire concept. However, it was also a form of slavery and a lot of kids had to suffer due to that.